2006-05-18 / Sam Bari

Community farm begins 2006 growing season

The first planting day of the community farm season will be Saturday, May 27, with other sessions scheduled from then through the fall every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

During the past six years, those years Community Farm volunteers have grown and distributed over 60,000 pounds of fresh vegetables to those in need.

This year volunteers will plant approximately the same acreage as last year, which is about 3.5 acres, and they will again manage the beehives and operate a small vegetable stand on Saturday mornings. Anyone who wants to volunteer time to help out specifically with the management of the beehives or the small retail stand should call Bob Sutton at 423

0910. Also drivers are needed on specific days to drive to the distribution sites in Newport, South Kingstown, Charlestown, and Providence. Planting, weeding and harvesting are a lot of fun, according to the many volunteers who help each week.

The Jamestown Community Farm is organized around three simple ideas: That people in need should be helped by other people. That working in the soil is an individually good and beneficial thing.

That a community of people, children and adults, working together, do in fact, become a community.

Volunteer hours are Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon and Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m.

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