2006-05-25 / Letters to the Editor

Dance a success

The 150 revelers who turned out for the Jamestown Education Foundation's Contra Dance took their partners by the hand and sashayed, do-sidoed, promenaded, and swung the night away to the foot-tapping music of Matt Bolles' Parallel String Band. Thanks to the effort and generosity of so many supportive people, the event was a great success!

The PAC produced a delicious dinner set off by yellow tulips, blue and white tablecloths, and yellow balloons. Then we moved away the tables, the band began to play, and we started to dance. Strip the willow, the dashing white sergeant, and other great dances were taught by the talented and patient caller Linda Leslie. Everyone had a great time, including the slackers by the bar!

During the break, Steve Liebhauser of Slice of Heaven took over the

microphone and auctioned off 11 exciting and varied packages with great wit and gusto. Thanks so much to Steve, the generous donors of the items, and especially the enthusiastic buyers. Finally, a special thanks to Ann Marie Deffley, Dolores Bauer, and Mary Heath for all their help.

It is great to see everyone join hands in a grand circle to benefit the wonderful children of this island. The JEF will be able to continue to provide enriching programs for our kids, upon whom all of us rely for our futures. JEF board of directors:

Emily Chamberlain, Betsy Gooding, Joyce

Hooley Bartlett,

Mary Keen, Michael Larkin, Anne Livingston,

Kate Petrie, George


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