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Planning board questions village condo application

By Sam Bari

Members of the Quononoquott Garden Club planted the new garden at the fire station in time for the Memorial Day parade. Photo by Donna Drago Members of the Quononoquott Garden Club planted the new garden at the fire station in time for the Memorial Day parade. Photo by Donna Drago After a long and sometimes heated discussion at its May 17 meeting, Planning Commission Chairman Gary Girard voiced the commission's recommendation for the proposed condominium development at 10 Narragansett Ave.

He suggested that applicant Ray Bazzano and project engineer Matt Viana of Northeast Engineering return with a complete set of plans. Although the Town Council, sitting as the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners, gave the development conditional approval for municipal water hookups, other issues troubled the commissioners, making them reluctant to approve a recommendation of the project to the Zoning Board of Review.

The stipulation for water hookup approval hinged on the 16 proposed units for the property not using more water than the existing 10 apartments. The allotted amount was 164,000 gallons. When Planning Commissioner Richard Ventrone asked how much water the 10 units used in one year, Viana answered, "about 140,000 gallons." When Ventrone asked how they expected 16 units to use less than 164,000 gallons, neither Viana nor Bazzano had a concrete answer. They said that the lease or purchase agreements would state that occupants would be allowed a limited amount of water before shut-off.

Questions about water consumption, sub-drains, and a need for a complete set of plans were enough to warrant the recommendation for a continuance of the review to allow the applicant time to satisfy the commissioners' concerns.

In other business, Evelyn F. Furtado filed an application to subdivide a 1.2-acre landlocked parcel behind Luther Street and North Main Road. Project engineer Steven King represented the applicant in the presentation of the proposal. Commissioner Victor Calabretta recused himself from the proceedings because of a business conflict.

The Planning Commission reviewed the application on April 20, 2005 because the applicant requested waivers for a road to access the property. Since no waivers may be granted for a minor subdivision, the Planning Commission must decide whether they are in favor of the waivers being requested. If they agree, then the application must be reassigned to a major review before it can be approved.

The lots are oversized for the residential R-8 District, leaving potential for further subdivision depending on the locations of the new homes. However, King assured the board that the subdivision was being restricted to two houses.

The location and configuration of the water and sewer lines have been approved by the public works director, and Town Planner Lisa Bryer has met with Town Engineer Mike Gray to review the drainage plan.

If the commission members have no outstanding issues with the subdivision, Bryer recommended that they make a motion to re-assign it to major review. Girard motioned to approve the recommendation and the board voted 4-1 in favor. Commissioner Betty Hubbard was opposed.

Architect Christopher Tuck presented new site plans for the Brian Petit application for a recommendation to the zoning board to build a new house at Catamaran Street and Seaside Drive. Although the plans called for a three-car garage, the total footprint of the dwelling was well within the maximum coverage allowed for the size of the lot. Nevertheless, Ventrone opposed recommending the plans because a three-car garage has never been approved before. After a lengthy discussion, the commissioners established that the plans were in compliance with all applicable ordinances, including the amended draining provisions for the site as reviewed by the town engineer.

The commissioners unanimously voted to approve the recommendation to the zoning board.

Jeremy Edwards, the future son-in-law of Lawrence Peltier, the applicant, helped present plans for a new house on a 7,200square-foot lot on Hull Street. Peltier is seeking a recommendation to the zoning board to build a modest two-bedroom home on the property. Edwards and Peltier presented a set of plans for a modular home with a crawl space as well as a supplemental drawing using a slab instead of piers. Calabretta suggested that the slab was a better idea although there was a discrepancy with the finished grade around the house. Peltier said that the state had given their approval for a septic system. The commissioners decided to give the applicant a continuance so they could submit one set of plans that addressed the concerns of the board.

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