2006-05-25 / News

Fire dept. holds elections

The Jamestown Fire Department held their annual meeting May 4 and elected officers for the coming year. The department's bylaws were also amended by a unanimous vote. The most significant change is that the position of fire chief will now be a two-year post.

Elected as chief for a second term was James R. Bryer Jr. Kenneth M. Gladding is deputy chief 2 and Howard F. Tighe is deputy chief 3. The training division captain is

James P. Ingari and the lieutenant is Melissa M. Hicks. On Engine 1, the captain is Roy M. Richardson and the lieutenant is Scott Rafferty. On Engine 2 the captain is Keith R. Godena and the lieutenant is Thomas LaFazia. The captain of Engine 3 is Brian D. Bryer and his lieutenant is Steven J. Tiexiera. On Ladder 1, the captain is Michael D. Pinksaw Jr. and the lieutenant is Greg Ryng.

Richard A. Wing is the captain of the tanker company and his lieutenant is Paul B. Balzer.

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