2006-05-25 / News

New greeting card series available

Andrew Potter of Lexington, Mass., and Jamestown has produced a line of Jamestown greeting cards called "Jamestown in the 1920's." They are a series of scenes taken from his father's family photo albums.

"My father's grandfather built the large home on the hill above Fort Wetherill in 1885. I have memories of visiting my grandmother there from about 1960 up until about 1981," Potter said.

Thomas Potter, who maintained the family photo albums, spent summers in Jamestown from 1981 until last year.

The greeting card images include a young Tom Potter sailing a wooden sloop, two ferries at the old ferry landing, Andrew's grandfather T. Albert Potter, at the Jamestown Boat Yard, and a few other surprising Jamestown scenes.

The "Jamestown in the 1920's" greeting cards may be purchased at

Jamestown Designs and Jamestown Hardware, or by mail order by calling (781)-696-3387.

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