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Donna Drago named editor of the Jamestown Press

Donna K. Drago Donna K. Drago Donna Drago has been named editor of the Jamestown Press.

Drago began her career at the Press in 1997 as a freelance reporter covering School Committee meetings. Now, nine years later, she is on her third school superintendent and may hold the record for most school board meetings ever attended by a resident of Jamestown.

During her tenure at the Press, Drago has interviewed U.S. senators, congressmen, governors, and local officials. She has covered features ranging from the kindergarten "Beanie-Baby Olympics" to spelling bees, environmental concerns, and veterans' issues.

Drago studied journalism and English literature at the University of Rhode Island and comes from a family with newspapers in its blood. Her maternal grandfather, James P. McCabe, was a reporter and copy editor for the Providence Journal. He started his career emptying wastebaskets and sweeping floors until someone handed him a pad and pen. Her paternal grandfather, Ralph Krock, worked for Atlas News, the largest newspaper and periodical distributor in Massachusetts at the time, having started his career at age 8 as a corner newsboy.

When not writing or editing, Drago is active in the community as a member of the Quononoquott Garden Club. She served as the club's president from 2003 to 2005.

Drago is an avid traveler, gardener, and cook. Her husband Joe is the owner of the Jamestownbased Integrated Management SOLUTIONS. They have two children: Carolyn will graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design on Saturday; Chloe is a senior at Rhode Island College.

Drago takes over the editorial duties from Jeff McDonough, who has served as the Press editor and publisher since 1990. McDonough will continue as the newspaper's publisher.

Christopher Irby was the editor of the Press prior to McDonough. Ironically, Irby hired McDonough to serve as editor of the Press before McDonough purchased the newspaper and became its publisher. Irby is still with the Press as its managing editor.

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