2006-06-01 / News

Ferry hits famed 12meter yachts

By Donna K. Drago

The Jamestown-Newport Ferry was involved in a boating accident Monday in Newport Harbor. Both the vessel and its captain have been cleared of any wrong-doing by the U.S. Coast Guard, said Bill Munger, owner of the ferry service that crosses from East Ferry to points in Newport.

Munger said that one female passenger bumped her head when the accident occurred, but she was not badly hurt. Munger added that as a precaution, the passenger was taken by a Jamestown ambulance to Newport Hospital. "Just to be on the safe side," Munger said.

According to Munger, the ferry was making a routine departure from Bowen's Wharf in Newport when a recreational boater, who Munger described as a "novice," boxed in the ferry causing it to hit three 12-meter yachts that were docked at the Newport Harbor Hotel.

"The other vessel did not give way when he was supposed to," Munger said.

There was damage to three of the uprights that hold up the ferryboat's canopy, Munger noted. He did not have a final figure on what repairing the damage would cost, but the work was being made inhouse at Conanicut Marina, he added.

In the accident the ferry broadsided the three 12-meter yachts, "the antiques," Munger called them. The yachts were rafted together at the dock. Damaged were Intrepid, Nefertiti, and Freedom, but they suffered only minimal damage, according to Lt. Brown of the Coast Guard.

Brown could not say if charges would be brought against the recreational boater pending completion of the investigation of the incident.

This was the first time the Jamestown-Newport Ferry was in any kind of boating mishap, Munger said, noting that it occurred on the ferry's opening weekend.

"We expect the damage to be repaired by the weekend," Munger said.

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