2006-06-01 / News

Town gets sole bid for treatment plant work

Only one bid was received Friday for renovations to the town's wastewater treatment plant that was built in 1980. It was submitted by Thielsch Engineering of Cranston for $2,927,577, plus three options and 11 alternatives.

The options bring the main bid to $2.99 million. The alternatives range from $6,480 to $303,750 for various pieces of equipment. Townspeople approved $2.6 million for the renovations as part of the $7.24 million bond issue for improvements to the municipal sewer system that basically serves the central portion of the island.

Officials said they would evaluate the bid, and possibly make a recommendation on June 19, when the Town Council meets as the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners.

Founded in 1984, Thielsch Engineering describes itself as a company of more than 300 employees with more than $45 million in revenues on projects throughout the world.

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