2006-06-01 / News

Bridge treasures donated to island historical society

The scissors used to cut "The Ribbon of Beauty" at the old Jamestown Bridge Opening Dedication on Aug. 3, 1940 were donated to the Jamestown Historical Society by the Brooks family in memory of their grandparents Charles H. and Clara Brooks of Jamestown.

Grandchildren Leslie Lowe, Donna Stenhouse, Roger Kerr Jr., Cathy Emenzs, Deborah Crocker, and Susan Messinger gave the scissors and a commemorative engraved paperweight to the society in honor of their grandfather Charles H. Brooks, who was the first manager of the JamestownSaunderstown Bridge. Brooks' daughter Sally Brooks cut the ribbon with these scissors.

Brooks played a major role in the construction of the bridge and was manager from its opening until he died in 1948 at the age of 59 in his Jamestown home on Mt. Hope Avenue. Before coming general manager, Brooks was manager of the JamestownNewport Ferry Company for over 20 years. Born in Jamestown and a trained machinist, he was an active in the Jamestown community, serving on the Town Council and also as a member of the chamber of commerce and Rotary Club. He was a member of the vestry of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church as well.

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