2006-06-15 / News

Council honors all town graduates

The Town Council Monday issued its annual proclamation honoring town graduates and designated the week starting Sunday, June 18, as Jamestown Graduates Week.

The honor is for members of the Class of 2006, at every level of school achievement.

The councilors said they recognize "the effort and perseverance that are necessary in the search for knowledge and excellence," and emphasized that they "applaud the achievements of all students associated with this community."

The proclamation noted "graduation heralds not only the accomplishment of one level of that search but also the commencement of the next."

The councilors said that Jamestown, "like all communities across the nation, will one day reap the harvest of the educational seeds of knowledge that are now being sown, when our students reappear as informed, involved, community minded citizens ready to take up the mantle of leadership in every field of endeavor."

The council proclamation concluded by offering congratulations to all members of the Class of 2006, and by thanking all members of the teaching community for their dedication to their students.

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