2006-06-15 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

The Rocket gods are looking down on us and the Rocket

Dawgz send their undying KA-BOOMS for the donations from many this week.

John and Diane Allard of Sampan Avenue wrote, "I'm certain you Dawgz can top the old Jamestown Bridge explosions pawz down."

Donations also came from Bob and Paula Florentino, Conanicus Avenue; K. Von Gunten and J. Donald Easton of Seaview Drive; Fae and Ira Murphy, East Shore Road; Norm and Joyce Beretta, Walcott Avenue, who wrote, "Support America: Greatest Country in the World"; Patty and Mo Vandal of Hamilton Avenue, who gave us a big "KA-BOOM"; Philip and Kristin Zhivago of Seaside Drive, who wrote, "Someone said recently that . . . . This is the land of the free because of the brave.' We salute you, Rocket Dawgz, for inspiring us every year. Please blast this money to high heaven!"

Also sending in checks are Serena Beretta of Walcott Avenue; Pat Holtzman of Beacon Avenue, who wrote, "Jay, Eric and I are ready for another fantastic show!!"; Lisa and William Tuttle of Seaside Drive; Tony and

Karen Rafanelli, Intrepid Lane, who said, "We can't wait!"; Juliette Moura of Intrepid Lane who wrote, "Thank you Rocket Dawgz for your untiring efforts every year!"; Cannon Family from Haverford, Pa; Tot and Mary Wright, Highland Drive; Ralph and Marie Pecchia, Yawl Avenue; Judy Garlick of Mount Hope Avenue; Nicholas and Mary Biddle, Beavertail Road; Gayen Thompson of Grinnell Street; Isabel Coyle of Clarke Street; Andy Weicker, Narragansett Avenue; and Craig and Sarah Richardson, Beavertail Road;

Also, Fritz and Pembroke Attaway of Decatur Street; Mary Brittain of View This, Conanicus Avenue, who said, "I just want to thank you for the awesome job. The displays are so beautiful. Every year we see displays that surpass every other town in the state. So lucky are we to have you here. Thanks!"; Charles and Alexis Pyle of Emerson Road; Pede Manchester and Marion Pierce, Beacon Avenue; and and J. Peter McGuirl of Skysail Court.

That's a great week. We're up to $6,500 - three weeks and $8,500 to go. Send your checks made out to Fireworks Fund to Box 1776, Jamestown 02835, and we'll blow them up on the 4th at Mackerel Cove.

Don't be left on the beach with no money riding in the shells. Send your check today! KA-BOOM!!


On that note, kudos to the cashiers at McQuade's who ask customers when handing them their change, "Can we blow it up?"

The grocery store is one of many on the island that support the fireworks by displaying donation cans on their counters.


The new Jamestown Women's Club island telephone directory should be in everyone's mailbox by July 1.


If you take Spike on a family swimming outing, he's one more body you'll have to keep your eyes on, says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week.

"Pool and water safety for our pets is very similar to safety for children. Supervision when around the water is mandatory. Many dogs love to swim, but you never know when they will wear themselves out and be too weak or it becomes too slippery for them to get out of the pool.

"Some dogs do not like the water and may not be able to swim, so never throw your pet into the water. They may panic and make rescuing them more difficult. The heat and reflected sunlight off the pool or water are also more intense in the summer, so make sure your pets have shade and non-chlorinated water to drink to stay cool and hydrated. Whether playing in the pool or ocean, you should rinse your dog off with clean water after swimming to clean off any salt or chlorine that may irritate their skin and eyes." WOOF!


Robb Roach says fishing has "been pretty good." There are some "decent size" fish in the bay, and he's had some nice stripers off Brenton Reef.

Robb charters his 27-foot Cape Cod "Stella" that he keeps docked at the Conanicut Marina.

"We do light tackle and fly fishing, bottom fishing for fluke, or going outside for tuna and shark off Block Island," Robb said. He can be reached at 864-3111.


And, on that note, with the fishing season back and in full swing, the Jamestown Striper Club has a few openings for new members.

Call President Bruce Toppa, 423-2866, or Treasurer Dave Michael, 423-1110, for pertinent details.


Members of the Jamestown Youth and Conservation Litter Team were on hand at the dump Sunday afternoon helping residents dispose of their refuse.

"It's a meet and greet process we go through each year at this time so the people can meet the kids," said Bonnie Jamison, team supervisor.

On hand were team members Victoria Ring, Alex Rienzes and Emmy Lutes.

Last year, the litter team picked up 864 bags of garbage and recyclables in a never ending effort to keep our island clean. Kudos to them all.


One of the most frightening moments last week was when we read in the ProJo that the state is taking over the distribution of flu vaccine. The inoculation line will start at the General Assembly.


Father's Day is Sunday. We're calling our kids to remind them.

The summer solstice is on Wednesday. We feel warmer all ready.

*** Be true!


Call in your good stuff for this column to 423-0383 of 829-2760. E-mail us at jtnwalrus@hotmail. com or drop your items off at the Jamestown Press.

You can drop your check off for the Fireworks Fund at the same time.

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