2006-06-22 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Super kudos to all the wonderful folks who last week

sent donations to the Rocket Dawgs for the Independence Day fireworks at Mackerel Cove.

Asking us to blow up their money were: Joseph and Barbara Samartano of Seaside Drive; an anonymous off-island reader who sent cash; Marion and William Sheehan, Cole Street; Barry and Ginger Holland of America Way; Jan and F.W. Allen, Nautilus Street; Carla and Barry Cook, Highland Drive; John Zimmerman, Whittier Road; Lynn and William Berman of Southwest Avenue; and Berne Greene and Marilyn Thomas, Whittier Road;

Thanks also to Mark and Christine, Ben and Nick Turley, Schillerstrasse 24 25524 Itzchoe Germany, who wrote "Greetings from Germany! Here's our contribution to this year's fireworks. Two of us will be there for the show, the others will have to make do with photos when they arrive later. But, we all look forward to summer in Jamestown!"

Also donating to the Dawgz last week were: Frank and Jillian Meyer of Southwest Avenue who commented, "Thanks for an ever improving display - kudos to you all."(They went on to thank

the folks at Shoreby Hill because now THEY have a front row seat.); David Booth and Jane Garnett of Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sharon and David Michael, Seaside Drive; Nancy Ventrone, Nautilus Street; Jim and Lisa Bryer, Clinton Avenue; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delmonico, Seaside Drive; Mr. and Mrs. T.G.Weaver, New York, N.Y.; Ann and Richard Hutchinson of Grey Gull Road.

Others who sent in their checks were: Donna and Dennis Silva of Keel Avenue who wrote, "Thanks for making the 4th so much fun"; Bill and Virginia Burgin of Maple Avenue; Donald and Gloria O'Laughlin, Felucca Avenue; Alena Calderone, East Shore Road, who said, "KA BOOM! Nothing like celebrating my 60 years anniversary of arriving to this country! Our ship passed the Statue of Liberty July 4, 1946. God bless the grand old USA!"; Dennis and Deb Owens of Felucca Avenue, who did a Jackie Gleason impersonation: "Please accept our donation and 'Send it to the moon, Alice!'" There were also two anonymous contributions.

We're now at $8,526, more than half way to the $15,000 blast we are shooting for with only two weeks to go. Send your check made out to the Fireworks Fund to Box 1776, Jamestown 02835.

Let's make the 230th anniversary of our nation's freedom a special day on the island. KA-BOOM!!


Those in favor of stopping Jamestown kids from fishing on the Town Dock should have been with Barbara Dickinson last week.

She e-mailed," Let me tell you what happened last night. Bert and I were taking a drive around enjoying the beautiful evening. We stopped at East Ferry to watch the kids fish off the docks.

"Kyle Rafferty had been casting with his father's help, trying to hook a fish. He said he hadn't caught anything but was still having fun. A man next to him caught a school bass and after asking Kyle's father if it was all right, let Kyle reel the fish in.

"What a thrill for Kyle and what a nice thing for the man to do. I didn't get his name, but I know he made a friend in the Raffertys! (the photo of Kyle appeared in last week's Jamestown Press). The picture speaks for itself in what it meant to Kyle.

"There are so many little acts of kindness out there. This has been one of them!

"Hope you continue to find many more." So do we, Barbara, so do we.


If Spike should decide he'd rather go yachting than surfing, there are certain precautions to be taken, according to Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week. "Many people take their dogs (and even cats) on their boats, whether for day trips or travelling the open seas. The most important thing to plan for is fresh water. Dogs can easily become dehydrated due to the sun and wind, and often with so much going on, they may need a little coaxing to drink their water. So, pay attention to how much they have drunk and make sure you have plenty of clean water and a dog bowl for them to drink from.

"Dogs should also be fitted with a personal flotation device. Many companies make them for pets these days. Make sure your pet is comfortable wearing it and can swim while wearing it because it takes them time to adjust to the bulk. Do not just throw it in the hold. Make it a part of your pet's routine while on board to ensure his or her safety." WOOF! AHOY!


Grandson Tom was 14 last Saturday and graduated from the eighth grade on Monday. Tempus fugit. We're proud of you, Tom!


Maureen McDermott inadvertently left out Charlie Normand's name in her thank-you letter in last week's Press concerning the eighth-grade class trip.

Charlie designed and purchased baseball caps for the students and chaperones. Thanks, Charlie.


Big kudos to Ross Bohensky who received Scoutings highest honor at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor last Sunday at his home on Stern Street.

Some 50 guests were on hand for the ceremony that was conducted by Jamestown Troop 1 Scoutmaster David Volpe.

Out of state guests included Ross' aunt and uncle Steve and Maryann Swinburn from California and great-aunt and uncle Don and Will Hall of New Hampshire.

Ross' mom, Linda Maclean, said, "We're so proud of him." Great job, Ross.


Last Thursday, other members of Troop 1 were recognized for their achievements during a Court of Honor at the Senior Center. Scoutmaster Dave Volpe said

the Scouts earned some 40-plus merit badges, including Citizenship in the World, Citizenship in the Community, Snow Sports, Rifle Shooting, Family Life, Personal Management, and Personal Fitness.

"We also had seven Scouts who advanced. Patrick Bretti, Matthew Rafanelli, and Nico Rienzo became Scout, James Perry and Ben Normand advanced to Second Class, Kyle Wright and Nathaniel Hopkins moved up to Star," Dave said.

He also handed out a Scoutmaster's Honor Recognition Award to Daniel Bailey and Josh Nolan "as examples of Scouts that live by the Scout Oath and Law every day and remind all of us what we should be striving for." Big congratulations to all!


Mornings have not been the same since we've been unable to purchase McQuade's outstanding scones.


A note to all residents who have any interest in participating in the Jamestown Communty Theatre's fall production in any number of capacities, including directing, choreography, costuming, set design and construction, backstage, and props.

Kevin Somerville, president of the JCT, urges you to contact the theatre's board by dropping it a note at PO Box 14, or e-mailing Matt Bolles at mbolles@jamestownri.net. Please do so before the weekend. Places please!

*** Be true!


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E-mail us at jtnwalrus@hotmail. com or drop your items off at the Jamestown Press. Bring along a check for the fireworks.

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