2006-06-22 / Letters to the Editor

Privilege to serve as school head

Last week, the Jamestown School Committee accepted my resignation as superintendent/principal.

On June 21, I was appointed to the position of superintendent of schools in nearby Narragansett. The timing of this announcement coincided with the end of school, making it a bit difficult to say good-bye to parents and community members. After four very positive years here, I could not leave without expressing my thanks and gratitude for the strong collaborative efforts this town and school community is so well known for, and which benefited me and our school system so greatly during my tenure.

The decision to pursue a new professional opportunity came as a kind of natural result or next step to the year-long analysis that the School Committee entered into in the "Restructuring, Reorganization, Shared Services" Workshops. The combined position of principal/ superintendent does not meet the needs of a 21st-century school system

and the committee has determined to separate the duties of principal and superintendent. I have long advocated for designated building leadership, and now that administrative restructuring will occur. The down side for me, however, is that the restructuring will result in the reduction of the superintendent part of the job, and I am not yet at the point in my career that I am ready to think about parttime work.

It was a privilege to serve as the principalsuperintendent of this fine school district. I hope that I conveyed to you that pride and satisfaction in the way that I carried out my duties

and completed the work to the best of my ability. I really did love it here and will long remember and benefit from this experience, both professionally and personally.

I will be here in Jamestown until July 28. Lots of work needs to be done between now and then, and I am focused on doing just that so that both the transition and opening of school in September proceeds smoothly for the benefit of all staff, students, and families of Jamestown.

With my deepest appreciation,

Katherine E. Sipala School Superintendent

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