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Lawn Avenue School students recognized at year-end ceremony

academic awards at a ceremony held Friday, June 16.

Winners of the awards are as follows:

The Americanism Award went to Madelaine Crabtree and Samuel Baines. The Founder's Award was given to Danielle Perez and Thomas Stacom. The Overall Excellence in English Award was given to Allison Bryer and Carl "Jake" Garbelotti. The Excellence in Science Award went to Eliza Chase and Kaan Kurt. The Excellence in Mathematics Award was given to Alice Toll and Carl "Jake" Garbelotti. The Excellence in Foreign Languages Award was presented to Eliza Chase and Elizabeth Rounds. The Excellence in Social Studies Award was given to Allison Smith and Sarah Gooding. The Good Citizenship Award went to Madison Auch and Chad Woodward. The recipients of the Ida Richards Warriors Heart award were Erica Lush and Quinn Earley. The Principal's Award went to Emily Lester and Cory Rosa. The Mary Stearns McGaughan Compassion Towards Animals Award was given to: first, Eliza Chase; second, Madelaine Crabtree; and third, Lizzie Gooding. Honorable Mentions went to Eloise Heath and Allison Smith.

The Technology Award in grade 7 was given to Caia Diepenbrock and Lili Flour, in grade 8 the award went to Emily Lester and Nicole Ethier. The Excellence in Fine Arts/Marc Frade Award was presented to Alice Toll and Michael Spahr. The Rhode Island Art Educators Association Awards were given at each grade level in the middle school. In grade 5, Nathan Lambert and Sophie Perrotti; grade 6, Daniel Bailey and Donovan Dougherty; grade 7, Chandler Neale and Kellie Brown; and grade 8, Madelaine Crabtree and Cory Rosa. The Conanicut Island Art Association gave awards to a member of each grade: grade 5, Rainey Aberle; grade 6, Josh Nolan; grade 7, Jacqueline Tanguay; and grade 8, Allison Bryer.

The International Peace Poster Awards went to: first, Georgia Wright; second, Shay Reilly; and third, Ellen Bednarczyk. Honorable Mentions went to Donovan Dougherty and Ryan Rosa, Nicole Perez, Danny Bailey, Danielle Jennings, Daniel Gorelick, Zachary Henning, Carter Auch, and Taylor Krystkowiak.

The Matt Allen Memorial Visual Art Award was given to Dylan Walsh, in grade 5. Mathematics League Certificates went to: first, John Ragland; second, Talley Larkin; and third, Adam Southworth. The Velma Moore Memorial Award was given to Morgan Lopes.

Awards for Perfect Attendance went to: in grade 5, Rebecca Barchus, Alexa Geib, Alex Jordan, Nathan Lambert, Kevin McDermott, and Molly Sylvia; in grade 6, Daniel Bailey, Danielle Jennings, Michael Jordan, Joshua Nolan, Shay Reilly, and Caitlin Schnack; from grade 7, Carl DeVellis, Kevin Flanagan, Daniel Hansen, Julia Hansen, Chandler Neale, and Nathaniel Pease; and in grade 8, Madison Auch, Lizzie Gooding, Anthony Irwin, Kaan Kurt, Harrison Mielde, Danielle Perez, and Jacob Wigton.

The Geography Bee Award was presented to Sydney Keen. The Friends of the Jamestown Philomenian Library Award was given to Sarah Croak and Kelly Scully.

The Jamestown Educational Support Personnel Award went to Kelly Scully.

The Band Achievement Award was presented to Michael Spahr. Sarah "Lizzie" Gooding received the Excellence in Solo Vocalist Award. The Band Director's Award was given to Erica Lush.

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Band Award went to Madelaine Crabtree.

The Physical Education/Good Award went to Victoria Dolce and Kyle Wright. The Best All Around Musician Award was presented to Madison Auch.

The Ali Dunn-Packer Memorial Scholarship Award was given to Kathryn Bednarczyk and John Rafanelli.

The Highest Academic Achievement Award went to Allison Smith and Carl "Jake" Garbelotti.

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