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Lawn Ave. School bids farewell to the Class of '06

By Donna K. Drago

Seventy-three students from grade 8 at the Lawn Avenue School received diplomas at the June 19 commencement ceremony.

Processing in to the venerable sounds of "Pomp and Circumstance," as performed by the Lawn Avenue Commencement Band, the soon-to-be-graduates looked poised and wise beyond their adolescence as they made their way through the aisles, giving high-fives and winks to parents, grandparents and teachers gathered to wish them well.

"They're ready to become more independent," Superintendent Kathy Sipala said in her opening remarks.

"And that's what we've been preparing them for," she added.

Kelly Scully, the Student Council president, gave an address to her graduating peers.

Scully said she came to the Jamestown School in second grade and noticed at once that "every child had a place." She said she quickly found her own place, and even when everyone was discovering their own interests, it was the early-developed friendships "that carried me through the years" at the Jamestown schools.

Scully told her classmates that no matter where they went to school beyond Jamestown, "We have our own talents and we'll find our place."

The top-ranking graduate from North Kingstown High School, Erin Simmons, who was the salutatorian for her class on June 17, made a speech to the Lawn school graduates.

Simmons gave the newlyminted graduates some advice as they enter high school.

She said that high school is "much bigger, entirely different, and freshmen are unsure how to act."

"Get involved," Simmons said, adding, "It's fun and rewarding.

"Take classes you are actually interested in," she continued, adding do not sign up for the kind of classes "you sleep through."

"Do your homework," Simmons said, and "show up" when you are supposed to.

Finally, Simmons said freshmen are notorious for not knowing how to pass in the hallways.

"They travel in packs and block traffic," Simmons said, suggesting that they keep moving to avoid logjams.

School Committee member William "Bucky" Brennan handed out diplomas and the students ended the evening with a dance at the Portuguese American Citizens' Club, where Superintendent Sipala said they could do what they like to do best: "eat and dance, and be with each other."

At Monday night's commencement ceremony, some 73 students received diplomas before a crowd of families and wellwishers at the Lawn Avenue School. Photos by Andrea vonHohenleiten At Monday night's commencement ceremony, some 73 students received diplomas before a crowd of families and wellwishers at the Lawn Avenue School. Photos by Andrea vonHohenleiten Jamestown Class of 2006 Alexander Allaux, Madison Auch, Samuel Baines, Kevin

Barrett, Kathryn Bednarczyk, Matthew Boyle, Lisa Brendlinger, Michael Brendlinger, Allison Bryer, Alexander Byrnes, and Elizabeth Chase.

Also, Sean Corey, Madelaine Crabtree, Christopher Crawford, Sarah Croak, Sarah Crowell, Dylan D'Alessandro, William Deffley, Victoria Dolce, Quinn Earley, Nicole Ethier, Hannah Farrelly, and Ethan Flynn.

Also, Carl Garbelotti, Lizzie Gooding, Alexander Gorelick, Megan Greene, Madison Hansen, Michael Harpool, Eloise Heath, Nathaniel Hopkins, Ramon Ibarlucea, Anthony Irwin, Rory Kirby, Kaan Kurt, and Kyle LeeMedeiros.

Also graduating were Emily Lester, Erica Lush, Samuel Lutyens, Michael McDermott, Clay McKenna, Devon McMaster, Harrison Mielde, Jason Morse, Thomas Munro, Benjamin Normand, Joshua Page, Danielle Perez, Rachael Perry, John Rafanelli, Dylan Rezendes, Cory Rosa, Elizabeth Rounds, Hillary Schumacher, Kelly Scully, Allison Smith, and Matthew Smith.

Also, Michael Spahr, Thomas Stacom, Robert Stearns, James Stewart, Alexandra Still, Racquelle Tanguay, Alice Toll, Dylan Walsh, Graham Wheeler, Jacob Wigton, Amber Wise, Daniel Wolfe, Chad Woodward, Christopher Wright, Kyle Wright, and Marjorie Zwolinski.

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