2006-06-29 / Front Page

Fireworks spur traffic restrictions

The big Ka-Boom will be on Tuesday, July 4, starting at about 9 p.m. at Mackerel Cove beach.

Jamestown police have planned several parking and traffic restrictions that will be in effect during the shoot to keep people safe and make the pyrotechnical display more fun for everyone.

Lieutenant Bill Donovan said that the fireworks will be set up on the western end of the beach, closest to Ft. Getty, and there will be a 300-foot safety perimeter that will be marked off in every direction.

There will be a fence on the beach indicating the end of the safety zone, Donovan said, adding that people can sit anywhere east of the fence.

Parking will be limited to the spots on the beach side of the causeway road, east of the barrier, and there will be no parking on the Sheffield Cove side of the road, Donovan said. The lieutenant recommended that people park on Hamilton Avenue, Southwest Avenue, Ft. Getty Road, or Beavertail Road. He also asked that people park their cars in the direction they plan to leave. "There will be no U-turns allowed" in the road to leave the display, Donovan said.

Traffic - both pedestrian and auto - will be curtailed along the causeway road during the fireworks display, Donovan said.

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