2006-07-07 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

IIt was a lovely KA-BOOM Tuesday evening at Mackerel Cove. Islanders came forth generously late in the fund-raising process, and we all enjoyed fireworks on the Fourth of July holiday, the 230th birthday of our nation's independence.

Donations last week came in from the Jamestown Police Officers Association; the Secret Garden on Southwest Avenue; J. Whitney Brown, Conanicus Avenue; Terry Vasquez and Pat Sullivan, Standish Road, who wrote, "Keep up the good work! Always a great show"; and the Jamestown Lions Club said, "Please 'blow it up' in honor of the men and women in the military serving our country as well as volunteerism in Jamestown"

Also, Idanna and Tom Smith of Meadow Lane; Fermo Bianchi of East Shore Road, "Please blow up this money before the revenuers get it!"; David and Linda Brazil, Intrepid Lane; Scott Lutes and Marcy Coleman or Weatherly Court; Irene Roditakis and Peter Swenton of Buoy Street; Michael and Kathleen O'Neil, Southwest Avenue; Eleanor Gravdahl, Newport Street; Sally and Mercer Garnett of Longfellow Road; and Carleen and John O'Brien of Needham, Mass.

Also contributing are Bob and Andrea Dolan; Edward Day of Conanicus Avenue; Jake and Marnie Jacobsen, Conanicus Avenue; John Heelan, Standish Road; Ken and Adam at the Barber Shop, Conanicus Avenue; Christa Casey; Wendy and Ed Harvey of Walnut Street; Baker's Pharmacy, Narragansett Avenue; Tom and Mary Turley, North Main Road; Robert and Jean Fagan, Mizzen Avenue; Delia Klingbeil, Clinton Avenue; Don Bresnan, Conanicus Avenue; and Robert and Marcia Welty, Longfellow Road;

Also, Wesley Yando, Grinnell Street; Lorraine Spooner; Conanicut Marine Services, Inc.: Jeanne Spinosa and Michael Glier of Southwest Avenue; Jean and Daniel Lilly of Seaside Drive; Richard and Elizabeth Beretta, East Shore Road; Mark and Debbie Swistak, Lincoln Street; Jerome and Frances Gorman, Maple Avenue; John and Joan McCauley of Columbia Lane; Patience Chrisler of St. Louis, Mo., who wrote, "Blow it up!!"; Cliff and Mary Largess, North Kingstown, who wrote, "Continue to be the very best on Narragansett Bay"; Jean Douglas of Beavertail Road; Dorothy and John Bellion of Bay Street; Hope and Frank Darigan of West Reach Drive, who noted, "Your display each year gets better and better and is absolutely the best I've seen - and I've see a lot!! Thanks for your community spirit and keep up the good work!!!"; and with Karen and Charles Osenton's donation was the notation, "May the July 2006 celebration be the greatest noise heard around the state."

Also, Malcolm Clarke Jr., Ledge Road; Susan Finn, Ocean Avenue; Peter and Susan Gaynor, Southwest Avenue; and Tim, Keven, Ryan, Reagan, and Cameron Baker, who wrote, "This donation is in memory of Nancy Baker. She loved your fireworks!!! Thanks." KA-BOOM!


Kudos to Conanicut Marina's Old Glory.


In its first entry into the Babe Ruth League in many years, Jamestown fielded a group of exciting young players sponsored by the Ali Dunn-Packer Foundation and ended the season with a commendable record of 5 wins and 6 losses in the regular schedule and 2 wins and 2 losses in the playoffs.

The team returned to the Babe Ruth League through the efforts of Tony Rafanelli, president of the Jamestown Baseball Association, who met with families of potential players and put together the entry into the Newport League.

Kudos to Jim Bryer, league manager, who led the islanders to the playoffs and a highly successful return to the Babe Ruth League.

Players were: Matthew Baptista, John Rafanelli, Carl DeVellis, Michael Schnack, Kevin Flanagan, Ryan Southworth, Jake Garbelotti, Christian Tiexiera, Anthony Irwin, Alessandro Baccari, Kahn Kurt, Nicholas Baccari, Harry Mielde, Nathaniel Vigneault, Tom Munro, Will Deffley, Ben Normand, Michael Harpool, and Joshua Page.

Coaches were Tony Rafanelli, Roland Vigneault, Al DeVellis and Mike Schnack.

Manager Jim Bryer said of the team, "They're a great bunch of kids who never gave up. Other coaches, teams, and umpires were very impressed by our team and its attitude.

"Parents were fantastic. It was a good year for the kids. They came a long way." Great job, guys.


Reacting to the discussion about the town dock, Richard Botelho wrote, "What do you think of the idea that we install a couple of signs, one on the Newport Bridge and the other on the Jamestown Bridge. 'JAMESTOWN CLOSED, 9PM TILL 5AM'"


Bob Kinder picked up on last week's tune and wrote, "Life is just a bowl of cherries, don't take it serious, life's too mysterious" . . . Good words to live by.

How does the rest of it go?

"You work, you love, you worry so, but you can't take your dough when you go, go, go.

"Keep repeating it's the berries, the greatest oak must fall. The best things in life to you have been loaned, so how can you lose what you've never owned. Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh at it all." Thanks, Bob.


Cumberland reader Helen Zachadnyck sent in more information on Dagmar. It seems that the blond bombshell, who started out in show business with the comedy team of Olsen and Johnson, became more popular on the TV program "Broadway Open House" than host Jerry Lester, and Jerry left the show and the show left soon after.

On July 16, 1951 she graced the cover of Life magazine.

The buxom entertainer went on to host her own TV show entitled "Dagmar's Canteen" in the late '50s. Milton Berle said she was "extra-talented - a pro." She died in 2001 at age 79. Thanks, Helen.

*** The FOP is on the phone again.


Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic last week wrote about hyperthyroidism. This week he tells us about hypothyroidism and says that's not so keen either.

"Many older dogs and even some young ones can develop an endocrine disorder called hypothyroidism. This means that their thyroid gland, the gland responsible for regulating metabolic function, is not producing enough hormone and the effects on dogs can be significant. Most often we see overweight dogs that do not respond to diet and exercise like we would expect. These dogs also tend to have a poor hair coat or patchy hair loss.

"Some dogs with behavior issues (and even seizure disorders) may have a component of hypothyroidism contributing to the changes, and it is unclear exactly how many other systems are affected by the hypothyroid state. Fortunately, this is a very easy disorder to test for and treat when it is recognized in our Fluffy (and not so Fluffy) pets." WOOF! Thank you, Doctor.


Karen Rafanelli celebrated her birthday last Friday with dinner at Trattoria with family and friends. Hugs, please.


The scouts of Troop 1 are urged to start collecting and pricing the items they plan to sell in the unit's yard sale Saturday, July 29, from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m. in the parking lot of the Jamestown Early Learning Center on North Road.

Each scout will be responsible for bringing and taking back home his own stuff, setting up whatever tables or blankets they need for display, and having appropriate change for their customers. BE PREPARED!


Congratulations to islander Arek W. Galle, who has joined Gates, Leighton as senior landscape architect. He'll be responsible for master planning, sustainable design and landscape architecture, and oversee the company's growth in the Maine market.

*** Be true!


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