2006-07-07 / News

Long Family to Landscape Parker Property Parking Area

The Ronald E. Long Family has volunteered to create a new look for the public parking area at the Parker property.

According to Quentin Anthony, president of the Land Trust, the parking area on the west side of East Shore Road will be improved with an attractive cedar fence and plantings of mature native rhododendrons from the Kinney gardens in West Kingston. Working in conjunction with the Longs, Nick DiGiando of Atlantic Landscaping has volunteered to plant the specimens.

"The fence should go up this summer and the landscaping will be done in the fall when the success of transplanting is higher. The Longs' plan is a significant contribution to our efforts to improve the property and make it more accessible to the public," said Anthony.

Owen Long, who resides in the neighborhood of the Parker property, said "Our families have been giving thought to how we could provide additional support to the Land Trust. As we watched the clearing of the fields unfold this spring, we developed the plan to enhance the parking area to complement the Land Trust's effort. We hope the redesigned entrance will serve as an invitation to visit and enjoy this wonderful community asset."

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