2006-07-13 / Editorial

Secrets that are close to home

It's surprising the number of Jamestowners who haven't discovered some of this island's jewels. As the saying goes, you can travel far and wide, yet there's plenty to do in your own back yard.

Take the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum for instance. There you'll find a great exhibit on the history of lighthouses on Narragansett Bay. The most impressive item at the museum, however, is the antique Fresnel lens.

In the village is the Jamestown Museum, across from Town Hall on Narragansett Avenue. The Jamestown Historical Society has opened its new exhibit this summer detailing the history of fire fighting and emergency medical services on this island. There's also an interesting exhibit on the history of ferryboats that once serviced Jamestown.

Then, of course, there's the museum at the Jamestown Fire Department, where you can see antique fire pumpers and firetrucks and other neat old fire-fighting gear.

For the outdoor types, go explore Fort Wetherill and Fort Getty. There's more hiking found at the Conanicut Island Sanctuary.

There's always a day at the beach at Mackerel Cove.

Summer's here. Have fun in Jamestown!

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