2006-07-13 / News

Learn the methods of Dr. King

Training in the methods of Kingian non-violence, as they were taught by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is being offered free next week. Two separate programs on non-violence training will be given on July 17 and 18, with the teen session at St. Matthew's Parish Hall, and the adult training at Central Baptist Church. The hours for the two-day program are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. both days.

Jamestowner Laura Clarke, the director of the counseling and referral center at Thompson Middle School in Newport, took the three-week training session last year at the University of Rhode Island Center for Non-violence and Peace Studies. Participants will learn the principals and practices of the Kingian nonviolence philosophy, Clarke said, and then will be able to use the knowledge to resolve "personal and professional conflicts."

Clarke said the program is "interactive and entertaining," and everyone who participates will learn the vital principals while having a good time.

Non-violence training can be used to resolve problems in business, in mediation and with all types of conflict, she said.

Teens from age 12 to 18 are invited to participate, and lunch will be included. Teens should register with Teen Coordinator Melissa Minto at 741-0562 prior to the sessions.

Adults must pre-register with Laura Clarke at 423-3855.

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