2006-07-13 / News of Record

Ferry captain helps save man in water

A Jamestown-Newport Ferry captain helped pull a man out of the water last week, after the man jumped in to save a child that fell off the docks at East Ferry.

Capt. Jonathan Alvarez, 24, of Kingston, said he was refueling the ferry about 5 p.m. at the dock when he spotted a commotion nearby.

He said a family was fishing on the docks and a child of about 8 years old fell into the water. The currents were swift, Alvarez said,

and the boy started drifting quickly to the north. Aman that was likely the boy's father jumped in the water to rescue him, but Alvarez said he watched as the man struggled to keep himself afloat and get the boy back on the docks.

Alvarez said he ran toward the dock to help out and saw another fisherman throw a net to the man. The man then cast a fishing pole and snagged the net to reel the man closer to shore.

By this time, two young men had picked the boy out of the water, Alvarez said, adding that once the fisherman reeled the man close to the dock, he pulled him out to safety.

Alvarez said he called for an ambulance to help the man, who appeared exhausted from battling the current, but the family did not stay to receive treatment. Alvarez has worked for Conanicut Marine Services as a captain for two years. Prior to that, he was a deck hand, he said.

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