2006-07-13 / News of Record

Shelter news

On again. Off again, On again! Believe it or not, the Jamestown Animal Shelter will be moving forward.

After a long spring of trying to decide what was best for Jamestown's animals and teens, it has become apparent to all that the kids need a place of their own, more centrally located, and large enough for them to have space to work off their energy. Thank-you to everyone who has pledged to support both of these important issues.

Next week we will contact everyone who previously offered building materials and labor to the shelter project. Hopefully, the donors have not been upset by our need to make sure that the kids have their own place to hang out. And hopefully, the donations previously pledged will still be available for the reconstruction of the shelter. If you have anything to donate for construction, or for the Shelter's Yard Sale on Saturday, July 22, please call either 423-9677 or 354-9200.

Does your dog like the water?

This summer's heavy rains have resulted in high bacteria counts in Narragansett Bay from sewer and storm-water overflows. Even though most of the beaches will re-open within a day or two of a heavy rainstorm, we still recommend a "kiddie pool" in place of a swim in the bay for your dog.

Walmart and Benny's had great deals last week on the 5and 6-foot pools. However, this refreshing method of allowing your dog to cool down can also be a health hazard if it is not emptied and refilled each day. If your abilities run towards crafts, a simple drain can be installed on the side of the pool to make emptying it easier. If your dogs still insists on an ocean dip, make sure you take them home and thoroughly rinse them off with the garden hose or outside shower after each ocean adventure.

24-hour leash law?

Last Friday night, one of the wonderful teens who help at Paws & Claws, watched as her cat was attacked and nearly killed by a German Shepherd-type dog in the area of Beacon Avenue and Keel Street. Someone had accidentally let the cat out and she was trying to get her back in the house when this attack occurred. Besides the horror of seeing her cat nearly killed, I question what would have happened if a small child had been nearby and tried to stop this horrifying attack. In the end, the sweet cat had to be euthanized because of the potential $3,000 cost of trying to save the loved family pet, and our teen had her summer ruined.

Kathy Gregory, Jamestown's animal control officer attempted to locate the dog, by visiting the nearby homes where German Shepherd-type dogs were registered. Because the dog couldn't be located, the state Department of Health will now have to decide whether a regime of rabies shots are needed for the teen.

After reviewing the police logs and seeing the number of dog attacks, lost pets, and also "hit by car" reports, I finally am sold on a 24-hour leash law. Our veterinarian has always been a proponent of the 24-hour leash law. His reasons make sense: better control of your pet prevents injury to people and pets alike, and you know where your pet is.

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