2006-07-27 / Letters to the Editor

Book sale a success!

The annual book sale this year was one of our best. All winter long, Dee Hellewell and Diana Luth slaved away in the deep dark confines of the basement, arranging and organizing the thousands of books, videos, audios, and a few DVDs generously donated by all of you. They asked me to thank the Navy Base Liquor Store manager, who set aside hundreds of boxes of the most suitable size for this sale. Special thanks to McQuade's Marketplace for their donation of plastic grocery bags.

Thanks to Sue Fay, Bob Horan, and Jack Anderson at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church who, with some emergency assistance from the Department of Public Works, provided the extra tables. Doing the setting up were the Boy Scouts led by Kyle Wright. Scouts were John Chase, Nick Fay, Matt Rafanelli, Shane Farrelly, Madison Hansen, Hayden MacLean, Devon McMaster, Vaughn NelsonLee, James Perry, Matt Rafanelli, Nicholas Rienzo, Drew Matley, and Chris Waterman. They hauled the books up. Kyle

Wright, Zach Volpe and Brian Volpe cleaned up the room after the final days.

Setup, organizing, cashier duty, and cleanup was generously donated by the following people: Anna Templeton-Cottill, Isabel Coyle, Ginny Saunders, Susan Lutes, Ann Zartler, Sara Bobola, Marcie Lindsay, Peggy Rotondo, Maribeth Traer, Carol Buglio, Dee Hellewell, Bette McGuirl, Ann Marie Deffley, Diana Luth, Jane Bentley, Emily Anthony, Rosemary Enright, Kitty Wineberg, Delancy Converse, Deb Foppert, Jackie Woodside, Bev Rudman, Alma Davenport, Trish Van Cleef, Dotti Farrington, Heidi Keller Moon, Judy Smith, Nancy Logan, Julia Montminy, Eleanor Hanson.

Forgive me if I have left anyone out. Because we are so fortunate to have so many volunteers, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all of them and their contributions.

We hope everyone who came to the sale found something of value.

Judy Bell, director, Jamestown library

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