2006-08-03 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the 'trip down memory lane'

I am writing in response to Alayne White's wonderful editorial about growing up in Jamestown. I also grew up in Jamestown around the same time period as Alayne and was good friends with her brother Michael. So many things I had forgotten came rushing back to me when I read Alayne's editorial and wanted to personally thank her for the trip down memory lane. I was one of those "North-Ender" kids who never got to see their friends outside of school because I lived so far away. My friends who lived "downtown" might as well have been living in Providence as far as I was concerned. In those days, if I wanted to visit my friends in town I had to ride my bike the entire way without a helmet. Back then, we would jump off "The Face" or check out the "Echo Chamber," and sometimes, yes, we would sneak onto Green's Pier for a swim. Much about Jamestown was simpler then, and I am glad to have grown up in such a great place with people like Alayne and her family as well as many others. Jamestown is certainly a different place now from what I remember while growing up, but does anyone's hometown ever stay the same? That town is long gone in the way of progress, but it will always remain the same in my mind, and today when I drive through the town I once knew, I remember everyone and everything as it was, and I smile. Thanks, Alayne.

John Forest


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