2006-08-03 / News

Conanicut Yacht Club Fleet 12 racing results

A very light northerly greeted the fleet as Race Committee Cochairs Jim Porter and Joan Touchette Porter elected to set up the starting line just south of the marina channel entrance. This location soon proved to be a wise choice as the breeze filled in nicely from the east southeast at 8 knots. The race number one course was Yp (green can south of Goat Island), finish. The tide was mid-ebb. Machbuster stayed to the left

side of the course. Blues eRacer, Rhapsody, and Good News all worked to the right early, and to their dismay, found less velocity nearer the Jamestown shore. As the fleet approached Newport Harbor, Chaos had extended her lead by maintaining a loose cover on Machbuster's starboard side, protecting against the more likely veer to the south. At the windward mark, Chaos still led Machbuster by 10 lengths, while Blues eRacer and Rhapsody followed by another 6 and 10 respectively. As the leaders converged for the downwind finish, Machbuster had slowly ground down the big Chaos lead sailing a lower jibe angle without a loss of speed. Machbuster had managed to spoil a great race by Chaos in just the last 300 yards. Blues eRacer, Rhapsody, and Good News followed in that order.

The course for race number two was changed to Rp (Clingstone Bell), finish, as by

now the breeze was southerly. The starting sequence had a similar look to race number one, only this time Blues eRacer got the great mid-line jump with Machbuster again to leeward. The better breeze on the left immediately favored the two blue boats, while Rhapsody and Chaos paid a price on the right. Winning the long drag race, Blues eRacer was nearly to the left corner before Machbuster finally tacked out from underneath her, beginning a short tacking duel. This

skirmish ended with Machbuster squeezing in from the left to round the big bell less than a length ahead of her rival. Despite gaining an overlap early on the run, Blues eRacer could not sustain the off-wind speed of Machbuster and her Sertltrimmed spinnaker. Rhapsody was initially able to gain on the leaders by jibing for the Jamestown shore and less current, but the hole near the shore soon ended her advance. Chaos finished fourth, while Good News retired after the first race.

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