2006-08-03 / News

Council signs dollar-a-year lease

The Town Council recently agreed to sign a 99-year lease for $1 per year with the Jamestown Historical Society for its building, the Jamestown Museum, at 92 Narragansett Ave.

The lease was arranged in conjunction with the society's plans for extensive improvements to the building, in addition to the society's paying for ongoing maintenance over the term of the lease. The improvements may include construction of a handicappedaccess ramp, probably in the rear of the building, it was noted.

The town and the historical society have also agreed on constructing a climate-controlled vault at the new Town Hall to be built across the street from the museum. The space will be used to preserve some of society's holdings.

Construction plans for the new town hall complex originally called for an extra basement space to be created for the historical properties, but the need to cut

costs for the project has led to a tentative decision to delete the extra space, and provide for the historical society's needs within the basement.

Voters have approved $3 million for the town hall complex, but the bids ranged from $3.4 million to $4.3 million. A negotiated rebid is due, with bid openings scheduled for Aug. 17.

The lease with the historical society provides for property oversight by the town administrator through an annual inspection of the premises that the society will manage and maintain.

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