2006-08-10 / About Town

Police officers' fund-raiser starts this week

The Jamestown Police Officers' Association is kicking off its biennial fund-raising effort this week to raise money to support local charities and other projects.

Sgt. Bill Piva of the Jamestown Police Department, the president of the association, said that in past years the association has donated proceeds to sponsor an island baseball team, given money to the Women's Resource Center, and sent a check to help police officers effected by Hurricane Katrina.

The officers are busy with police work, Piva said, so they have hired a professional fundraising firm, TCI America, to make the calls for them.

"I know a lot of people who don't like to give to professional fund-raisers," Piva said. "But," he added, "these people are representing us."

People who want to make a contribution can drop off a check at the police station, Piva said, or the fund-raising firm can pick it up.

"We hope this will sustain us for the next two years," Piva said.

Piva said people do not need to feel pressured to donate. "Just tell them no," he said.

For more information about the fund-raiser, call treasurer Officer Karen Catlow at the police station, 423-1212.

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