2006-08-10 / Front Page

Water tower on time and on budget

By Sam Bari

Public Works Director Steve Goslee was all smiles when asked about the progress of the new town water tower now under construction on Howland Avenue. "They'll be finished by the middle of October if all goes as planned at the pace they're keeping now," Goslee said.

"They" is the Fischer Tank Company of Chester, Pennsylvania, the company contracted by the town to build the structure. The project broke ground on April 3 of this year.

"They're working on welding ring number four of the 12 rings that are needed," Goslee continued. "Then the roof goes on after that. The crew of seven men includes six welders and a crane operator. They work 40 hours a week, weather permitting," he added.

The steel comes to the site preprimed. All they have to do is weld it in place. After installing the tank, they will paint it under encapsulation. The tower will be the same size as the existing tower and the tank will also hold the same volume of water. It will also be painted the same color as the existing tank, blue illusion, Goslee said.

"We're on budget and on schedule, and that makes everybody happy," Goslee said.

The site of the new tower is beside the existing tower on Howland Avenue.

The Fisher Tank Company was the lowest of three bidders and came in at $1,169,220 for the project. They are building the tank as part of a 2004 bond issue of $6.2 million for several projects to upgrade the municipal water system. The town also has a $500,000 federal grant that will be applied toward the tower work.

Fisher Tank has been constructing above ground tanks for approximately 58 years. The Jamestown contract is one of about 100 that the company currently has in various stages of completion.

The existing water tower holds a million gallons and provides less than 400,000 gallons of stored water for emergencies, especially fire protection, according to Fay, Spofford and Thorndike of Burlington, Mass., engineering consultants hired by the town for the water system improvements. The firm is also building the new water treatment plant on North Main Road. The 400,000 gallons is less than the maximum needed by municipal water customers for one day.

When the new tower is completed, the town's supply of stored water will be doubled. Two million gallons of stored water will provide just under 800,000 gallons or a two-day supply for emergencies, according to the consulting engineers. The engineers also said that the installation of a second tower will ensure adequate protection in case of a major fire in the village.

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