2006-08-17 / Upcoming Events

Fleet 12 Racing Aug. 13

A light northerly breeze prompted Race Committee Alice Noble Porter to set a starting line near the War College in a successful effort to run windward/leeward courses north of the bridge, Race #1 course was 13p, finish. The tide was strongly out all afternoon.

The fleet of seven J/22s split soon after the start with Bad News leading the four on the left and Machbuster leading the three on the right. Better breeze and an unexpected veer to the north greatly benefited those on the left, and Bad News still led handily at the can. The breeze had filled to 10+ knots as the fleet headed downwind, but a troublesome jibe cost Bad News her lead as both Rhapsody and Good News slipped by while David Marshall struggled with a recalcitrant topping lift. Bill Porter's Rhapsody hung on to win her first race of the season from Eric Senior's Good News, whose second was her best result as well. Bad News, Blues eRacer, Chaos, Machbuster, and Catch followed in that order.

The Race #2 course was changed to Rob Salk's Shields to port, finish. This time everyone stayed to the left of the rhumb line after the start. Machbuster led early but Blues eRacer eventually passed both Rhapsody and Machbuster when their aggressive quest for current relief in Potter Cove caught them on the wrong side of a backing breeze near the top mark. Once downwind,

however, Rhapsody, with spinnaker magician Mark Sertl aboard, flew past both blue boats to win again. Blues eRacer and Machbuster held their positions followed by Good News, Catch, Chaos, and Bad News, who was hindered this time by a torn chute.

With just two Sundays remaining, Louis Mariorenzi's Blues eRacer leads Machbuster and Rhapsody by only three points, while the Marshalls' Bad News remains in contention trailing by eight.

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