2006-08-24 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Jamestown Community Theatre Artistic Director Mary Wright has reached into the sometimes strange, sometimes wonderful world of MTV and brought along with her other members of the theater group.

It all began when she was approached by David Bellino, a director and writer for Second Wind Video, who found her name on the JCT Web site. He has produced many music videos, including such names as Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. David's background also includes films, and he has won international awards for his work. David has moved back to Rhode Island from California with his family and is freelancing in the video and film business.

Mary explained, "David was asked to write and direct a video for a new singing group called 'The Life of Riley.' They have already released a song entitled 'When We Were Young' that is number eight on the list of most asked for songs."

David asked Mary to help cast the video. She met with him and then went on to cast 10 people. She also became first assistant director. In need of a production co-ordinator, she tapped islander Sonya Bieler for her knowledge and experience from working on the production of the History Channel's "Nature's Fury: New England's Killer Hurricane." Sonya's husband, Eric, became a production assistant and an extra in the video.

Mary said, "The roles I had to cast were very specific, but I used some people from Jamestown. Greer Beecroft and her 7-year-old son, Damien, played the two main characters. Michael White, Andrew Rushton, and Rebeka Wigton are characters working at a flea market and also in roles in flashback scenes. There were others, not from Jamestown, including my mother, Ellie Krach, who ventured in from New York City to make her video debut."

In addition, Mary took on islander Lee White to be the costume, hair, and makeup designer, and Lee's sister, Mary, joined in on the day of the shoot, assisting Lee with hair and makeup.

A flea market in Charlestown was the scene of the shoot on Aug. 5. The video is due for airing late next month.


Speaking of Sonya and the

History Channel's documentary on the great hurricane of 1938 referred to above, she e-mailed that the program "Nature's Fury: New England's Killer Hurricane" will debut on the History Channel this Sunday at 8 p.m. and again on Wedesday, Aug. 30, at the same time.

She urges everyone who was involved to contact relatives and friends and alert them to the air date and time.

Jamestowners who participated in the three-day shoot are Jane Bentley; Patty Vandal; Madi, Carol and John Baldwin; Eric Bieler; Johnna Jamieson; Dana, Talley, Durga and Michael Larkin; Kathy and Clarke Westall; Sydney and Kathy Pazera; Jon Knudsen; Jenna Regan; Hannah Cordes; Michael and Steve Liebhauser; Bonnie Jamison; Kathleen and Madi Brown; Dan and Mike Harpool; Garrett Reis; Rebecca Brazil; Cathryn Jamieson; Tot Wright and Bill Murphy.

It's show time on the History Channel.


Twenty-three members of Boy

Scout Troop 1 have returned triumphantly home with their newly earned 88 merit badges and seven rank advancements.

Each year the troop attends the seventh week at Yawgoog and stays in camp Medicine Bow at campsite Wetomuck. Merit badges awarded included Lifesaving, First Aid, Swimming, Emergency Preparation, Environmental Science, Citizenship of the World, Art, Mammal Studies, Fingerprinting, and Sports. Three scouts advanced to Second Class, two to First Class, one to Star and one to Life Scout.

Scoutmaster Dave Volpe said, "All in all this was a great year at camp. The troop continued its friendship with Troop 40 from Mount Vernon, N. Y., through a night of camaraderie around a campfire sharing doughboys and roasted corn. This has now become an annual event which we expect to continue next year. Additionally, the two troops engaged in a number of competitions including ultimate Frisbee, water dodgeball, Whiffle Ball and football.

"I'd like to thank the adults assisting me in making this week possible by spending time at camp. They are Diane Archibald, James Archibald, Harry Chase, Glen Hopkins, John Keavy and Phil Lee."

Led by Senior Patrol Leader Brian Volpe and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Drew Matley, the Scouts who attended are Eric Archibald, Daniel Bailey, Samuel Baugh, Michael Brendlinger, Patrick Bretti, John Chase, Madison Hansen, Nathaniel Hopkins, Nick Lutes, Devon McMaster, Sal Morenzi, Tom Munro, Vaughn Nelson-Lee, Josh Nolan, Ben Normand, James Perry, Cameron Toppa, Zack Volpe, Dylan Walsh, Chris Waterman, and Kyle Wright.

Plus the award-winning special guest Ian Archibald. Great job, guys!!


With the wet spring, the mosquito

count is up this summer, a

good reason to be sure Biff's heartworm pills are given promptly as scheduled. Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic explains why in his Pet Tip of the Week.

"All dogs should be annually tested for heartworm infection and be on an effective monthly preventative. Heartworm is a parasite that is transmitted by mosquito bites, primarily to dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes. If an animal is infected, the parasites will mature in the animals heart and lungs and cause inflammation and scar tissue formation in those vital areas. Treatment for pets that have contracted heartworm can be very expensive and even life-threatening and that is why we stress the importance of preventative medicine. By keeping your pet on heartworm preventative - typically Interceptor, Heartgard, or Revolution - you can almost guarantee they will not contract this disease and stay healthy and happy." WOOF!


Two guys who deserve a lot of

credit and support are Ed Hughes and Alan Wentworth of Portsmouth who founded Clean the Bay and are doing just that.

They are demonstrating that actually hauling out debris works quicker to clean the bay than standing under a tent sipping cocktails.

To volunteer your time and/or donate to the cause, visit www.cleanthebay.org.


Barbara and Bert Dickinson

spent four days in Sterling, Va., cheering on their granddaughter, Emily, competing in the Eastern Pony Nationals Tournament.

Emily was designated hitter for a fast pitch softball team from New York. "It was very refreshing to watch games where the teammates were good sports and supportive. My granddaugter breaking a pitcher's no-hitter streak and batting in a run or two was just a bonus," Barbara said.


Grandson Tom moved to

Connecticut Sunday to live with his mom and three siblings. It seemed like a good time for the move with Tom entering high school next month.

He has lived with us for some time now. You probably know him. It seems everyone knows him and he knows everybody. He has an infectious personality, and to meet him is to like him.

I grew up with him. That is to say although we are 60 years apart I've enjoyed sharing his experiences and watching him mature into a tall, healthy 14year-old.

He is my best friend.

Much of what is Tom I suspect is the result of his personal contacts with people on the island. You're all good people who share our love for him. I could never name all of you, but you know who you are.

Thursday night of last week his friends of all ages threw him a first-class going-away party. They signed a large banner wishing him well.

The night before he left for Connecticut six of his friends slept over at our house.

The next morning they went downtown for breakfast as they always did. But on this day they came back and helped Tom load his stuff into a trailer.

When it was time to leave, he came over to me and gave me a big hug. "See ya, gramp." "See ya, Tom."

Later, I thought of our years together and realized he had taken me places I never would have gone.

*** Be true!


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