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Jamestown School bus schedule announced for fall

When does your student start school?

Jamestown school buses will travel to 12 different schools this year, including both island schools and North Kingstown High School. Most of the schools have different starting dates and students and parents are asked to take note of them.

North Kingstown High School and the Prout School freshman class will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 30. The remainder of Prout students should report on Aug. 31.

Compass School and Kingston Hill School also begin on Aug. 31

Jamestown elementary and middle school students should report on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Monsignor Clarke and Quest School also begin on Sept. 5. Narragansett High School, Meadowbrook School, and Valley School begin on Sept. 6, and ALP begins Sept. 7.

Jamestown School Elementary Bus Runs School Year 2006-2007                   Bus #1 7:40 28 East Shore Road 7:41   East Shore Road and Reise Road 7:42   East Shore Road and Eldred Avenue 7:44 648 East Shore Road 7:47   America Way and Columbia Lane (east) 7:49   America   Way   and   Intrepid Lane(east) 7:51 America   Way and Columbia Lane (west) 7:54 America Way and Intrepid Lane (west) 7:53 America Way and North Road 7:55     Capstan   Street   and   Felucca Avenue 7:56 Sloop Street and Davit Avenue 7:59 North Main Road and Carr Lane 8:00 North Main Road and Rosemary Lane 8:01   North Main Road at Red Wing Farm 8:10 School                   Bus #2 7:38   Weeden Lane and North Main Road 7:44 Frigate Street and Sampan Ave 7:46     Frigate   Street   and   Gondola Avenue 7:48     Frigate   Street   and   Beacon Avenue 7:50 Beacon Avenue and Buoy Street 7:52 Garboard and Seaside Drive 7:53 Seaside Drive and Frigate Street 7:55 Seaside Drive and Dory Street 7:57     Capstan   Street   and   Beacon Avenue     . 7:59     Capstan   Street   and   Sampan Avenue 8:08 School                   Bus #3 7:38   Fort Getty Road (east of gatehouse) gatehouse) 7:39   Beavertail Road and Battery Lane 7:45   Beavertail Road and Clarke's Village Road 7:47 Beavertail Road and Hull Cove Farm Road 7:49 139 Beavertail Road 7:50 Hamilton Avenue and Fox Run 7:51 Hamilton Avenue and Howland Avenue 7:54 Fort Wetherill at the Triangle. 7:55 Walcott Avenue and High Street 8:00     Conanicus Avenue   and   Mt. Hope Avenue (east) 8:01     Conanicus Avenue   and   Mt. Hope Avenue (west) 8:02   Conanicus Avenue and Bryer Avenue 8:10 School                   Bus #4 7:42   Beacon Avenue and Neptune Street 7:44   Steamboat Avenue and Keel Avenue 7:46   Keel Avenue and Top O' the Mark Drive 7:48   Beacon Avenue and Spirketing Street 7:50   Beach Avenue and Spirketing Street 7:52 Seaside Drive and Riptide Street 7:53 Seaside Drive and Mast Street 7:55 Mast Street and Beach Avenue 7:57 Mast Street and Helm Street 7:59 Helm Street and Stern Street 8:08 School                   Bus #5 7:33 855 North Main Road 7:35 175 West Reach Drive 7:36   West Reach Drive and Fly Jib Court 7:39 West Reach Drive and Top Mast Court 7:40 West Reach Drive and Seafarer Court 7:43 1258 North Main Road 7:45   North Main Road and Summit Avenue 7:47   East Shore Road and North Main Road (triangle) 7:48 901 East Shore Road 7:50   East Shore Rd, and Holmstead Court 7:52 East Shore Road and Aquidneck Court 7:53   East Shore Road and Wright Lane 7:56   East Shore Road and Reservoir Circle 8:09 School 8:30 Drop off at ALP     Prout-Monsignor Clarke           School A.M. Run Cheryl Henselder/A. Dutra 7:00 Narragansett Avenue and Pierce Avenue 7:03   North Main Road and Luther Street 7:05   High   Street   and   Howland Avenue 7:07 Conanicus Avenue and Alden Road (first set of pillars) 7:08   Conanicus Avenue and Bryer Avenue 7:10 East Shore Road and Seaview Avenue (north) 7:11   East   Shore   Road   and   Hull's Court 7:16   East Shore Road and America Way 7:18       East   Shore   Road   and Wildflower Lane 7:20   901 East Shore Road (Clinton Street) 7:23   North Main Road and West Reach Drive 7:24   North Main Road and America Way 7:28 Seaside Drive and Dory Street 7:30 Beacon Avenue and Buoy Street 7:34 Mast Street and Beach Avenue 7:37 Cedar Lane and North Road 7:38 Leave Jamestown Prout-Monsignor Clarke/ S.C.         Montessori P.M. Run   Cheryl Henselder/A. Dutra* 3:05/3:10 Access Road at the RIPTA Bus Stop 3:12   North Main Road and Luther Street 3:14 Narragansett and Pierce Street 3:16     High   Street   and   Howland Avenue 3:20   Conanicus Avenue and Alden Road 3:22   Conanicus Avenue and Bryer Street 3:24   East Shore Road and Seaview Drive (north) 3:25   East Shore Road and Hull's Court 3:28   East Shore Road and America Way 3:29       East   Shore   Road   and Wildflower Lane 3:30 901 East Shore Road 3:35   West Reach and North Main Road 3:37 North Road and America Way 3:40 Seaside Avenue and Dory Street 3:45 Beacon Avenue and Buoy Street 3:50 Mast Street and Beach Avenue 4:00 North Main Road and Cedar Lane *The   afternoon   run   is   subject   to change, depending on the number of students on the bus.     Compass/Quest Bus Run 7:09   Beavertail Road and Hull Cove Farm Road 7:19 Helm Street 7:23 211 Conanicus Avenue 7:25   Narragansett   Avenue   at Baker's Pharmacy 7:30   North   Main   Road   and Weeden Avenue 7:35 875 North Main Road 7:36     North   Main   Road   and America Way 7:38   North   Main   Road   and Summit Avenue 7:42 Capstan Street and Beacon Avenue 7:45   Beacon Avenue   and   Buoy Street 8:00 Meet NK bus and Park and Ride to transfer Quest students 8:30   Compass School 8:40 Kingston Hill         Compass/Quest P.M. 3:00 Compass School 3:10 Kingston Hill 3:25 Meet NK bus Meadowbrook Bus Run A.M. 7:08 Beach Avenue and Mast Street 7:10 318 Seaside Drive 7:20 High School, pick up NK students students 8:05 Meadowbrook School     Meadowbrook Bus Run P.M. 1:30 Bradley 2:10 Clarke's Village continue on to Meadowbrook 3:45 Meet NK bus @ Park and Ride       Sargent/Trudeau A.M. 6:50 Lawn Avenue 7:05 NK High School 7:40   East   Shore   Road   and   Hull's Court 7:50 Top O' Mark Drive 8:30 Sgt. Center 9:00 Trudeau         Sargent/Trudeau P.M. 1:50 NKHS 2:05 Lawn Avenue 2:30 Sgt. Center 3:00 Trudeau 3:30 Top O' Mark Drive 3:45 East Shore Road and Hulls Court     Narragansett H.S /Valley/           Jamestown A.M. 6:45 Schooner Avenue 7:15 Narragansett High School 7:44 Sloop Street 7:46   Seaside Drive and Catamaran Street 7:49 Seaside Drive 7:53 RIPTA bus stop 7:57 Conanicus Apts. 7:59 Early Learning Center 8:03 Melrose school 8:05 Clinton 8:10 Melrose 8:35 Valley     Narragansett H.S /Valley/           Jamestown P.M. 1:45 Narragansett High School 2:15 Schooner Avenue. 2:35 Melrose School 2:45 Clinton 2:47 Melrose school 2:50 Sloop Street 2:53 Seaside Drive

High School Bus Schedule 2006-2007                   Bus #1 6:45   Beavertail Road and Clark's Village Road 6:47   Beavertail Road and Bonnet View Drive 6:50       Southwest   Avenue   and Hamilton Avenue 6:52   Southwest Avenue and High Street 6:54 Watson Avenue at the bakery 6:56     Watson   Avenue   and   Lawn Avenue 6:58   Watson Avenue and Melrose Avenue 7:00   North Main Road and Weeden Lane 7:10 NKHS                   Bus # 2 6:50     Narragansett Avenue   and Howland Avenue 6:52 Narragansett Avenue at hardware         store 6:53   Walcott Avenue and High Street 6:55   Ft. Wetherill triangle 6:57     Hamilton   Avenue   and Howland Avenue 7:10   NKHS                   Bus #3 6:39   Conanicus Avenue and Bryer Avenue 6:40     Conanicus Avenue   and   Mt. Hope Avenue 6:42   East Shore Road and Decatur Avenue 6:44   East Shore Road and Reservoir Circle 6:46   East Shore Road and Wrights Lane 6:47   East Shore Road and America Way (east) 6:48 805 East Shore Road 6:49       East   Shore   Road   and Wildflower Lane 6:50   East Shore Road and North Road (triangle) 6:51   North Main Road and Summit Avenue 6:55   North Main Road and West Reach Drive 7:00   North Main Road and Cedar Lane 7:10 NKHS                   Bus #4 6:40 Helm Street and Stern Street 6:41 Stern Street and Beach Avenue 6:43 Stern Street and Seaside Drive 6:45     Seaside   Drive   and   Neptune Street 6:48   Garboard Street and Beacon Avenue 6:50   Beacon Avenue and Spirketing Street 6:51   Beacon Avenue and Steamboat Street 7:05 NKHS                   Bus #5 6:41 North Main Road and Frigate Street. 6:43 America Way and North Road 6:44 Capstan and Sampan Avenue 6:46 Capstan and Beacon Avenue 6:48 Seaside Drive and Dory Street 6:50     Frigate   Street   and   Beacon Avenue 7:00 NKHS     Note new rules: all sports equipment,         skateboards, and scooters may be transported on a bus when contained         in a zippered sports bag.     Please be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.

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