2006-08-31 / Letters to the Editor

Lobster liberators unite

Thank you for your article about lobster liberator Stephanie Hryzan, the compassionate young woman who raised money to buy and release giant lobsters being sold at a local retail booth.

Just like Stephanie, a growing number of kind consumers are concerned about the treatment of sea animals from live crabs displayed on ice at the seafood counter to lobsters slowly starving in overcrowded restaurant tanks. PETA hears from so many people who want to help after seeing lobsters languishing in grocery store tanks, we've set up a Web site with tips on successful crustacean liberations.

We hope readers will be inspired to follow Stephanie's Lobster Golden Rule: "Never eat anything that's older than you," and even take it one step further by leaving other animals off their plates, too. To find out more, visit www.LobsterLib.com.

Paula Moore,

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA),

Norfolk, VA 23510

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