2006-08-31 / News

Irrigation system under fire

By Sam Bari

In a letter addressed to the Town Council from Ed Gromada of 20 Lawn Ave., he requested that his water bill be adjusted in the amount of $783.66. Gromada's letter said that the entire bill was for $1,368.50, which included excess usage charges.

His letter also said that the "excess charges were the result of a valve malfunction on our irrigation system. The system was installed in August 2005 by Atlantic Landscaping of Jamestown. Gromada's letter said that he was not looking for an adjustment for the excess water charge, but was requesting an adjustment to the "Sewer Charge Usage" and "Sewer Debt Usage Fee" because the water never went into the sewer, but "seeped back into the ground and reentered the water table." Except for the sewer-related charges, the remainder of the bill, $584.64, was paid.

Councilman Michael Schnack suggested that the request be denied because an irrigation system that is connected to the town water supply is against the law. "We have a strict ordinance against irrigation systems for lawn and shrub watering being hooked up to the town water supply," he said.

Council Vice President Julio DiGiando recused himself from ruling on the matter because his son Nick DiGiando is the owner of Atlantic Lawn and Garden, a Jamestown business that installed the irrigation system at Gromada's home in August 2005. Nick DiGiando was representing Gromada at the Aug. 21 meeting.

Schnack made a motion to deny Gromada's request, but the motion was not seconded. Schnack then said that "the irrigation system should be disconnected immediately." Long agreed that Gromada should stop using the system.

Sczepatowski moved to continue the matter to the next meeting of the water and sewer board, Sept. 18 to allow time to seek legal counsel. Long seconded the motion and the vote was 2-1 in favor of a continuance.

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