2006-08-31 / News

One year lunch contract extension signed

The Jamestown School Committee has signed a one-year extension of its school lunch contract with North Kingstown.

School Committee Chairwoman Cathy Kaiser said that North Kingstown wanted to charge them a flat rate of $25,000 as overhead, which was "not budgeted for, nor expected."

Members of the school board and Kathy Sipala, former school superintendent, met last month with North Kingstown administrators to hammer out an agreement that would come within the school's budget.

Kaiser said after some discussion both sides agreed that Jamestown would pay a 4-percent fee on any revenue generated by the lunch program, and take responsibility for any losses. They would also have to increase the price of a hot lunch to $3, Kaiser said.

At its Sept. 7 work session, Kaiser said, the committee will look seriously at alternatives to the North Kingstown lunch program that will be healthier for the students and more cost effective for the district.

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