2006-08-31 / News

Historical society plans annual house tour

On Saturday, Sept. 9, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Jamestown Historical Society will hold its annual house tour.

This year's tour will feature Halfacre at 170 Walcott Ave. Tickets cost $15 and will be sold at the door. Proceeds will benefit the historical society.

Halfacre was owned by Miss Elizabeth H. Clark, who contracted famed architect Charles Bevins to design and build the estate in 1895. Clark's house passed on to maiden aunts until her great-niece Lisa Beeuwkes took ownership of the house in 1969. Today, her granddaughter Alexandra Kent is transforming this summer "cottage" into a year-round home for her family.

The Kent family is in the early stages of renovating the house and has graciously agreed to have the public tour parts of the house when the bones of the house can best be seen. Just as in "This Old House," the furniture has been removed to make room for renovations that will bring new life to a house that has witnessed the lives of five generations.

Visitors will be able to appreciate the detailed woodwork and gain insights into the genius of Charles Bevin's design and the fortitude of Ms. Clark, who negotiated the purchase of the house from Rear Admiral Sedgwick.

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