2006-08-31 / News

J-22 racing results of Aug. 20

An ominous forecast gave way to sunny skies and a fresh southsouthwesterly breeze that built to 15 knots, the tide was flooding at the outset but slack by the end of racing. Race Committee Jack Hubbard, assisted by Paul, Alden and Megan Grimes, set a Race #1 course of Zp, 13P.

Rhapsody got the best start as Blues eRacer hit the pin and Machbuster's port tack start at the committee boat was on time, but failed to deliver the hoped for current relief in the mooring field. Unfortunately, Chaos got caught out picking up her third crew at the CYC dock and had to start several minutes late. However, by the second race, Chaos would not regret her decision because a full crew would be a key factor with the fresh breeze. Rhapsody with four aboard carefully covered the fleet all the way to Z. Good News, driven by Anna Minuitti, worked her way ahead of Machbuster, coming back from the right side, while Blues eRacer passed Bad News, regaining much of the ground she lost at the start. Positions remained unchanged on the run. When the double-handed Machbuster shrimped her spinnaker at the leeward mark, Blues eRacer grabbed the inside position and in so doing, effectively ended Machbuster's remaining season title dreams. Rhapsody continued to cover the fleet to win, followed by the rapidly improving Good News, Blues eRacer, Machbuster, Bad News and the late starting Chaos.

The race #2 course was lengthened to Zp, 13p,Rs (Clingstone bell). Rhapsody got another good start, but this time Blues eRacer was much closer and the two remaining contenders for the season title would duel each other throughout the race. Chaos finally got the dividend for her third crew member, staying close to the leaders on the first beat. Machbuster was able to pass Chaos and Good News on the run but gave it right back with another sub-par rounding at the leeward mark. On the long beat to Clingstone, Blues eRacer swapped the lead with Rhapsody several times as the two leaders kept each other in their sights. But on the broad reach to the finish, Blues eRacer finally pulled away to win, preserving a 2 point season lead over Rhapsody. Suddenly, darkening skies gave the finish a dramatic appearance and big puffs from the westnorthwest prompted Good News to drop her spinnaker early. But Chaos kept hers flying and passed the conservative Good News in the last 150 yards. Machbuster and Bad News, with only the two Marshall brothers on board, followed in that order.

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