2006-09-07 / Front Page

Town Hall moves to golf course

By Sam Bari

Town Hall employees will establish a temporary home at the Jamestown Golf Course while Pezzucco Construction of Providence, the company awarded the bid to build the new town hall, constructs the facility on Narragansett Avenue.

On Thursday and Friday, Sept. 14 and 15, and Monday, Sept. 18, Town Hall will be closed for the move. Personnel will pack furniture, supplies, and records on Thursday and Friday and vacate the old Town Hall building over the weekend. On Monday Sept.18, they will set up shop at the former golf course clubhouse at 245 Conanicus Ave. The temperary Town Hall will reopen for business on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

"Public Works Department personnel will help with the move, and we're looking into using Prison Enterprises for additional assistance," said Town Administrator Bruce Keiser. "Head librarian Judy Bell highly recommended the prison workers. She said they did an excellent job for the library. If they aren't available, we'll hire a moving company for the job," Keiser said.

"We will do everything we can to make a smooth transition to the temporary facility so that Town Hall business can be conducted as close to normal as possible starting on Tuesday Sept. 19. All we ask is for a little patience for the first few days while everyone settles in," Keiser added.

The departments involved will include the town clerk's office, planning, the board of canvassers, probate court, building and zoning, and the tax assessor. Parking will be available in the lot at the front of the golf course clubhouse. Municipal employees will park across the street to allow more space for Town Hall and golf club visitors. Signage will be prominent and adequate to identify the location of the various departments and offices.

The new 12,000-square-foot town hall designed by architect William Burgin will incorporate restoring and upgrading the original building that was constructed in 1883 and connecting it with a vestibule to an additional twostory building. "Moving the original Town Hall to one side aligns the building better with the churches on either side," Burgin said. The new facility will be located at the same address as the old Town Hall at 93 Narragansett Ave.

According to Keiser, the new building will be completed in about 10 months from start of construction. "If all goes as planned we should be open for business by next August, provided construction begins this October," Keiser said.

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