2006-09-07 / Letters to the Editor

Who is protecting the Shores?

On Monday, Aug. 28, I attended the Jamestown Town Council meeting to ask questions and express serious concerns regarding ground water protection in the (Jamestown) Shores. Because my comments were not reported in the Jamestown Press, I felt compelled to write this letter.

During open forum I asked the council several questions regarding potential development on Garboard Street and property ownership. Generally, my questions were as follows:

1. Why were two small pieces of property on Garboard Street located in the high groundwater overlay district (Plat 15 Lots 178 and 179) , listed in town records as townowned property (2000, 1982), now in the hands of private development?

2. Why isn't the town protecting groundwater recharge areas in the Shores by maintaining control of such properties?

3. How many more town properties in the Shores are similarly unprotected?

Are the Shores residents not worth protecting? It has taken us several years of prodding and pleading to get to the point we are with development of the high groundwater ordinance for protection in the Shores. But is it protecting us? Ferry Street has new development in a serious flood prone area. Planning has approved numerous "special use permits" in the high groundwater overlay district. Stricter rules for the high groundwater ordinance have been stalled over and over again. Some board members vote as if every piece of wetland property is suitable for development.

Members of the Jamestown Shores Association have consistently supported openspace land acquisition on

the island. Although several small properties in the Shores have been purchased within the past two years, our high density of development, poor soil conditions, high groundwater table, serious flooding episodes, and lack of town water or sewers would make it seem extremely important to protect as much waterrecharge area as possible. Why isn't this happening?

All these question need to be addressed. Charlotte Zarlengo,

president, Jamestown Shores


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