2006-09-07 / News

Free trees for homeowners

Jamestown has a tree-planting program where homeowners can have a tree planted in front of their house for free.

The town tree warden will work with the homeowner to select a tree that will aesthetically enhance both the home and the street. The tree will be planted within the town's right-of-way, which is usually about 10 feet off the shoulder of the road. If there are overhead utility lines, a tree that matures at a low height will be selected, or a large maturing tree may be placed further back on the homeowner's property. The highway department and the tree warden will plant the tree in either the spring or the fall planting program.

Click on Jamestown Tree Selection at the Jamestown tree committee's Web site to choose a species. Copies are also available at the town clerk's office.

The homeowner must accept responsibility to water and care for the tree. If interested, call or email the tree warden David Nickerson 783-3112 or nickersontree@ earthlink.net

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