2006-09-07 / News

Color level high in South and North ponds

By Sam Bari

Public Works Director Steve Goslee recently told the Town Council, sitting as the Board of Water and Sewer Commisioners, that the color level in South Pond is twice as high as that in North Pond.

Due to the high color level as well as the reservoir level, no transfer pumping has been undertaken. Transfer pumping from South Pond reservoir would only serve to worsen the high color in North Pond reservoir, the main source of the municipal water system.

Goslee also reported that wells JR-1 and JR-3 are operational. His report said that one well is used at a time and produces approximately 50 gallons of water per minute. The well water adds alkalinity to the treatment process and improves chemical conditioning prior to filtration, he said.

Although the aeration system is operational, the color level remains significantly above average again this month due to the major rain events that have occurred. Goslee's report said that the recent dry spell may help in reducing the color level.

The treatment plant ran at 96 percent efficiency for turbidity removal this month, according to Goslee's report. Although the color level does not affect the color of the water at the consumer level, the high color level in the reservoir adds a substantial organic load to the filtration system and makes it work harder. This additional load translates into higher dosages of coagulant chemicals, which shortens filter running time and reduces efficiency.

Goslee also reported that the state Coastal Resources Management Council application for the new water treatment facility is complete and being reviewed by CRMC staff. The application has been advertised and distributed as part of the 30day public notice. In his report, Goslee said that he thinks it "appropriate for the Board to provide a letter or resolution in support of the project to CRMC as part of the comment process. A date for the hearing will be set after the close of the comment period."

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