2006-09-07 / News

Around the Island yacht race results

In Class A, the top finisher was Egret, skippered by Holloway, In second place was Dirigo, skippered by Wilhelm and in third was Hawk.

Class B winners included 1. Second Wind, skippered by Parfet, 2. Isabel, skippered by Riggs and 3. Scampi, with Hansen at the helm.

In Class C, 1. When, skippered by Goss, 2. Barfly, skippered by Lambert and 3. Whalayed, skippered by Whaley.

Class D winners were 1. Rhapsody, skippered by Porter, 2. Bad News, skippered by Marshall and 3. Machbuster, skippered by Westcott.

In Class E, 1. Coco, by Scott, 2. Wind Ensemble, by Stoops, and 3. Dark Star, by Gervais.

Class F, 1. Rogue, St. Coeur; 2. Haraka, Forbes; Nicolina, Baines.

Class G, 1. Kaizen, Grimes; 2. Sea Shadow, Pollock; 3. Godzilla, Wineberg.

Class H, 1. Unplugged, Murray; 2. Cat Came Back, Mossop; 3. Riptide, Fletcher.

Class I, 1. Topcat, Lyons/Salk; 2. Brigadoon VII, Morton; 3. Gold Digger, Bishop.

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