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The Senior Scene

By Charlotte Richardson By Charlotte Richardson Getting a bit cool out there, and we certainly hope that doesn't mean we won't get our customary days of "Indian Summer, one of the nicest times of the year, when it's neither hot nor cold, but just right.

Members of the Jamestown Senior Citizens Association enjoyed a beautiful day out when they met for their Annual Meeting and Picnic, down at Ft. Getty. A better weather day could not have been ordered, and was tailor-made for the good group of people who came out to take advantage of the great day.

The annual meeting was held and the board of directors was presented to the group assembled and their election to office was ratified by the membership. A certificate of appreciation was awarded to Leona Borday, outgoing president, with thanks for her service as president. Newly elected President Charlotte Richardson thanked all of the board members who had made the get-together a great success. The guys in the kitchen, Ernest Anthony and Dick Howland received a well-deserved round of applause for all that they do each and every day for the seniors of Jamestown.

As seniors who recognize the need for healthy eating in order to stay strong and healthy, and who must set an example for those younger, we mostly watch what we eat, keeping the bad fats low and the good carbs and fiber high. But on this particular day, we threw caution to the winds (temporarily, of course) and ate the KFC luncheon with glee and gusto! Hot coffee/tea, cold water/fruit juices were there for the taking; and a beautiful assortment of delicious desserts were supplied by our kitchen guys, Ernie and Dick, and there was nice feeling of satisfaction and celebration in the air.

Local senior citizens enjoyed a picnic held for them at Ft. Getty last weekend. Photo by Vic Richardson Local senior citizens enjoyed a picnic held for them at Ft. Getty last weekend. Photo by Vic Richardson It was noted that our membership campaign is in progress, and we extend a cordial invitation to seniors from all over town to join with us to promote programs for seniors and to enjoy the Jamestown Senior Center, a wonderful place to gather and enjoy each other's company. A great many people and organizations provided a lot of money and hard labor to achieve a Jamestown Senior Center several years ago, and the watch word is 'the more the merrier,' so come on down and enjoy it all.

We offer two classes of membership. One is full membership, which is limited to residents of Jamestown aged 60 or more who enjoy all of the benefits offered by the governing body, including a right to hold office and to vote at any and all meetings held by the association.

An associate membership is for those 55 years or older who are not residents of Jamestown. These members are not permitted to hold office or vote at any of the association meetings, but they are entitled to any other benefits that may be offered.

Dues are only $5 per year, and if you would like to join, just send us your name, address, phone number, and the month and day of your birth (so we can send you a card) and mail with your check for $5 made out to JSCA Membership, PO BOX 184, Jamestown, RI 02835. We'll be happy to welcome you and look forward to meeting you. Try us - you'll like it!

Each week-day, except for holidays, the Jamestown Senior Center is open from 8:30 a.m. until approximately 1:30 p.m. for the exclusive use of seniors, and by noon the daily meals are served to those present and delivered through the Meals on Wheels Program to shutin seniors, by volunteer drivers, many of whom are seniors themselves. Suggested meal prices are $2.50 for the Mealsite and $3.00 for Meals on Wheels. There is no membership fee required for either the congregate meal at the Senior Center or for Meals on Wheels participants. If you would like to take part, call 423-2658 or 4231026 for more information.

Members of the JSCA board of directors are currently busy finalizing plans for activities to be held from November through February, and we will be providing information on all of them as the weeks go by. Why not apply for membership right now, while you're thinking about it and get on board with us as we look forward to upcoming holiday celebrations and special events and come on down and join us. We'll welcome your input and suggestions for bigger and better program that will answer the needs of our seniors. We'll be looking for you!

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