2006-09-14 / Letters to the Editor

Outraged reader

I was outraged to read about the recent Town Council meeting where our recreation director's job performance and involvement in the community theatre were discussed. Has Mr. Schnack taken the time to follow Mr. Bolles around to see how many hours he puts in on his job on an average week, when the theatre is not in session? Has Mr. Schnack collected any reliable data before bringing up pay for hours worked or not worked? It is absolutely absurd to even think that Mr. Bolles charges the town for hours he puts in during the active theatre time. Mr. Schnack's comments were inappropriate and without basis in fact, and I can only think that Mr. Schnack must have a personal vendetta against our recreation director.

I know Mr. Bolles to be a highly ethical and dedicated town employee who has been committed to the well-being of all the youth in Jamestown. He works mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends. Were he ever to be paid for all the hours he actually works for the town, he would be a wealthy man!

As for the issue of the

Jamestown) Community Theater, it was started in the same way that other recreational activities in town started. The fact that it has gone on to become a highly visible and successful activity is surely no reason for criticism. It has contributed to the selfesteem and well-being of hundreds of Jamestown youth, given adults like myself an opportunity to interact closely with children and teens who I'd otherwise not know, and contributed funds to make improvements in the town's recreational facilities.

I think that Mr Schnack owes

public apology to our recreation director for implying publicly that his job performance has been in any way less than commendable.

Sincerely, Barbara S. Haskell,


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