2006-09-14 / Letters to the Editor

Support for Bolles

A report in the Jamestown Press of Aug. 31 on the meeting of the most recent Town Council raised issues regarding the relationship of the Jamestown Community Theatre and the town Recreation Director Matt Bolles. The tone of the article suggested a conflict of interest and work ethic relating to his duties as recreation director and his activities with the theatre and its use of a town facility, namely the recreation center. Matt Bolles has been an exemplary recreation director, devoted to the many aspects of that work in this town, and his warm and engaging personality has found expression in the theatre group over many years, over and beyond his commitment to his position as a town officer.

As a longtime resident, I have seen what years of theatre activity have done for this community. Those who have come here

more recently may not realize the enormous contribution the Jamestown Community Theatre has made to the spirit and life of this island community. More than any other enterprise here, it has continually brought together the volunteer efforts of parents and children and many, many others in creative activity, enriching this community, old and young alike. It has brought a unique spirit to the people of this town, which has continued in the lives of all who have ever been part of that theatre life here, either as a participant

merely attendant at its many productions. A recreation center is quite properly a town-supported "re-creation" space for a variety of enriching projects, including the theatre, the chorus, the talent show, etc. These are the hallmarks of an artistic community, not to be "nickled and dimed," as if it were a profit-making business. The arts need all the support a community can give, and it would be a great pity if the spirit of this aspect of community life were to be lost.

Constance Andrews,


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