2006-09-14 / Letters to the Editor

Teacher sees both sides of debate

After reading Bill Ashton's letter to the editor, I felt I must respond.

have been employed as a teacher at Jamestown School and at St. Michael's. I think Bill missed the point. Jamestown has an opportunity to increase its revenue by taking in students from other districts and therefore decrease our taxes here on the island. Having taught at Jamestown School, I can say that I feel that any student graduating from this fine establishment is

very well prepared for their next experience, whether it is a private school or public education. Many times our faculty referred to our school as "Jamestown Academy" because the classes were small, the teachers dedicated, and the parents were extremely involved. Many parents from off the island might want to send their students to Jamestown without encompassing a large tuition and know that they are getting a quality educaor tion. Both of my daughters graduated form Jamestown School and North Kingstown High School, and one is in electrical engineering and the other was accepted at law school. Would I send my girls to Jamestown School again? In a heartbeat!!

Jane Bentley,


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