2006-09-21 / Editorial

Councilman addresses letter writers on Bolles

I read with interest the recent letters to the Jamestown Press regarding the recreation director and I couldn't agree more that Mr. Bolles has done a good job working with the Jamestown Community Theatre. However, there may lay the problem. The Jamestown recreation department is not a onedimensional operation. There are a number of other very important programs that fall within the jurisdiction of the recreation department. The question that has been raised by many residents of Jamestown is that these programs may not be receiving the same attention and consideration as the community theatre.

The fact that Mr. Schnack has raised these questions is an indication

that he is concerned about these issues, and well he should be as a member of the Town Council. I have heard similar complaints and believe it is the responsibility of the council working

through and in conjunction with our very able Town Administrator Bruce Keiser to resolve these types of problems.

Bill Kelly, Jamestown Town


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