2006-09-21 / Editorial

Support for Jamestown schools

I have enjoyed reading the Jamestown Press online edition while living and working overseas. This is the first time I've been compelled to respond to a letter in your newspaper. I feel that Bill Ashton's elitist attitude toward the school system in Jamestown is

entirely unfounded. I am in the unique position to make this statement since I attended both St. Michael's and Jamestown schools as a student, and I'm currently a certified teacher. I'm fortunate enough to say that my childhood educational experience was entirely positive and enriching. As an educator, I applaud any school system that is proactively looking for a creative solution to finances and school population issues while maintaining a high standard of education. It's admirable that Mr. Ashton is continuing to financially support St. Michael's school in gratitude for his children's quality education. However, this doesn't give him a license to make negative comments toward the Jamestown school system which also provides high quality education while being a public school. The teachers at any school, public or private, are the most important aspect of a superior education. I would like to thank the teachers at both of these excellent schools for being dedicated, creative, and enthusiastic professionals. Sonya Fisher Sava,

McMurdo Station,


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