2006-09-21 / Upcoming Events

Lecture on sailing university upcoming

Seamen's Church Institute and the American Sail Training Association will hold a jointly sponsored lecture on Wednesday, Oct. 18, at 5:30 p.m. in the Henry H. Anderson, Jr. Library for Mariners at Seamen's Church Institute by retired Royal Navy Rear Admiral David Bawtree on the development of the University of the Sea, the largest and most gracious square-rigged education, research and adventure training sailing ship in the world.

The Future Ship Project for the 21st Century is designed to carry 180 young people from the age of 16 and up for periods of up to three months to assist with their education away from shore distractions. As a University of the Sea she will be fitted out with substantial research facilities to investigate the health of the oceans and monitor the planet. Accommodations are provided for 20 scientists from universities and research institutions worldwide. They will also assist with introducing the trainees to sustainability and environmental matters.

The FSP21 will be 515 feet long, have a mast height of 305 feet and a crew of 66, including lecturers. With a displacement of 4,000 tons, the FSP21 will do 18 knots under full sail and have biodiesel-electric engines for speeds over 20 knots. The FSP21 will be a showcase for all that is best of environmentally friendly maritime design and technology, from materials and coatings to engineering and electronic systems.

The design will meet all national and international environmental standards, with virtually zero emissions for most of a 100 year life. A full range of solar panels

in the sails and round the hull will reduce the need for generating diesel power, and the associated battery bank will provide energy to drive the ship at over 10 knots.

David Bawtree will talk about the history of this project, and how it developed from the idea to replace the Royal Yacht Britannia with a Royal Sail Training Ship. He will cover many of the design aspects of this nt sailing vessel and explain how this private venture project will be administered and funded.

The lecture is free and open to the public.

For more information, contact Ann Souder at 847-4260.

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