2006-09-28 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Having two Eagle Scout candidates in one family

at the same time is in itself extraordinary. Adding the fact that one of the two is only 13 years old makes it even more extraordinary. The fact that they're brothers, both members of Jamestown Troop 1 of which their dad David is the scoutmaster and we have the makings of Scout family of the year.

Brian Volpe, 13, will begin his Eagle project this weekend in the Jamestown Forest on Melrose Avenue just south of the school.

His brother Zack, 17, will soon begin constructing a kayak rack at Ft. Getty. His initial plans to build the rack at East Ferry were scuttled when some residents of Conanicus Avenue complained it would interfere with their view of Newport.

A junior at Landmark High School in Massachusetts, Zack finally last week received approval from the CRMC and will proceed building the two story 32by 10foot rack that will store at least 24 kayaks.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, Brian, with the aid of volunteers from the troop, is planning on constructing three kiosks on which information about the woods can be posted, and students from the Jamestown School can use them for ongoing work projects. The kiosks will be about 4by 4and 6-feet tall, with pegboard surfaces and Plexiglas covers.

Not your ordinary bicycle. Photo by Andrea von Hoheleiten Not your ordinary bicycle. Photo by Andrea von Hoheleiten Brian, a freshman at St. Andrew's School in Barrington, sees his efforts as a two-month project. He'll continue to enlist his fellow troop members to clear out the brush in the forest. Then he'll update data on trees planted there by the Jamestown Tree Committee and with the help of the committee and renowned island arborist Matt Largess, who volunteered for the project, identify species of trees in the forest. Brian will then place cards at the base of the trees providing information about the individual tree, including what uses it might have had to Native Americans. The forest is located next to a huge Indian burial ground.

Financial help for the forest project came from the town tree committee, which had received a donation from the Jamestown School. Great job, guys!


Word is that a Walt Disney filming crew was scouting the area at the Jamestown School last Thursday.


You're invited to tea on Sunday.

And in an English tearoom to boot.

It's open house from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Cathryn Jamieson Salon at 16 Narragansett Ave. It's also the salon's first art exhibition and features the work of islander Rene Stawicki.

Entitled "Art & Soul," the open house has been planned as an opportunity to meet the salon's practitioners and offer an introduction to its new wellness environments. The tearoom was designed to offer an area for meetings and gatherings of a small number of people such as book groups. "Tell us what you want it used for," said salon owner Cathryn Jamieson.

In addition to tea, autumnal food and drink will be available.

Oh, and a raffle. The grand prize of which is $500 in services.

More than enough to sample the salon's many wonderful wellness offerings.


The weather people are being silly again. In last Saturday's ProJo long-range weather forecast, low temperatures for this week were forecast as 34, 28, 25, 26, 28, 22 and 24 respectively from Sunday through Saturday. That was a short fall.


Keeping a Boy Scout troop mobile is a big job, particularly if it's a growing unit. That's what is facing Jamestown's Troop 1.

Committeeman Harry Chase who is the troop's equipment coordinator said they're running short and in need of donations.

Harry's list includes canoes and kayaks, a rain canopy, an adultsize tent, and a Dutch oven. And, for the end of the day while sitting around the campfire, a guitar.

Harry can be reached at 4230641.


Luke and Matt Verrier are wheelmen.

The brothers are in the process of mastering the operation of a replica of a 19-century High Wheeler bike distinguished by a 36-inch diameter front wheel and small tire at the rear. Its riders are called wheelmen. To get on it one places his right foot on a step on the frame and pushes himself up to the seat. From there you're on your own.

"It takes getting used to," Matt offered.

The two purchased the bike about a month ago from a friend who bought it from a bicycle rental outfit on Block Island. It was originally built by a company named Wheelman in Chattanooga, Tenn. When the Verrier's got it, it was full of rust. They "stripped it to simplicity," removed everything that wasn't working, cleaned the rust off and painted the bike white. Stripping everything off included the brakes so the rider must brake with the pedals.

"Everyone in town seems to like it," Matt said.

The two Jamestown wheelmen are looking for another High Wheeler so they won't have to keep taking turns.

Watching Luke ride away, one thing was for sure. They weren't doing any wheelies in the 1800s.

*** Boycott Citgo!

See "Walrus" on page 29


This from cyberspace:"HoKipa Kuu Home (welcome home) to Joe Medeiros and his companion Vivian, who have been on the Big Island of Hawaii attending Joe's 29th IUEC General Convention. The couple was joined by another delegate, Charles Sartini, of Warwick, and Viv's daughter, former Jamestown resident Crystal (Douglas) Allen and her husband, Dr. Clark Allen, and granddaughter, Kristina. This is the couple's second trip to Hawaii. Last year, they visited the beautiful island of Maui.

You can ask Joe what he thought of the flowers and hula dancers on both trips. Mahalo!" So, Joe, what did you think?


Which brings us nicely to the next item, a poser from John A. Murphy.

"Who was the regularly featured young male singer presented by Arthur Godfrey and ultimately fired by the ol' redhead?"


Back to the Old Lamplighter once more. Lisle Whiteley called to say she thinks Perry Como recorded the song.


Boy Scout Troop 1 leadership positions were determined last Thursday at the troop's weekly meeting.

They are Madison Hansen, patrol leader, and Eric Archibald, assistant patrol leader for the Cobras Patrol; Nathaniel Hopkins, patrol leader, and Cameron Toppa, assistant patrol leader, Flying Falcons Patrol; Sal Morenzi, patrol leader, and Michael Brendlinger, assistant patrol leader for the Screaming Eagles Patrol.

James Perry is quartermaster, Danny Bailey, the scribe; Shane Farrelly, the historian; Chris Waterman, the chaplain's aide; and John Chase, instructor. Congratulations to all!


According to the Jamestown Warriors paper, the art room in the Jamestown School on Melrose Avenue has a wish list.

The room is in need of egg cartons. The Styrofoam and plastic ones are good for keeping paint overnight, but the cardboard kind are also welcome. Also on the school's wish list are tissues, new sponges, wooden spring-loaded clothespins, gallon-sized zip lock bags, small manila mailing envelopes, Styrofoam meat trays, large black foam-tipped paint brushes.

Contact Dori Hirsch if you can help out.

*** Be true!


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Caption for pix Jamestown's wheelmen.

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