2006-09-28 / Letters to the Editor

Rec department facts

The ongoing campaign of misinformation regarding the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department and the Jamestown Community Theatre compels me to provide a few simple facts for those who might still appreciate the truth. I will be brief.

In the current calendar year, the schedule for active sports and fitness programs at our Community Center, or the "Rec," totals 1,005 hours. These activities include Youth Recreational Basketball, Youth Gymnastics, Open Recreation, Adult Volleyball, CYO Basketball and adult fitness classes. Add to this another 370 hours of sports offered by the recreation department at the school gym, and the total annually is 1,375 hours of indoor sports and fitness programming. The total usage of the Community Center for community theatre activities in the current calendar year is 50 hours. Any questions?

Matt Bolles,

director of parks and recreation

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